Penguin movie in Hindi is a hot keyword in India. It may refer to an Indian thriller film in 2020. Or else, you can find the interesting movie of The Penguins of Madagascar, one of the best cartoons ever. It's a very lovely animated movie series about cute animals. Penguin or The Penguins of Madagascar, which one do you prefer? Check out these brief reviews and pick up your favorite penguin movie here with

Penguin Movie In Hindi Review

Penguin 2020 is a mystery thriller movie in the Hindi language. It stars Keerthy Suresh as the main actress of the film. She is also featured in the poster of the movie. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the film was not released in the movie theaters. Instead, it was launched on the Prime Video on June 19th, 2020.

Keerthy Suresh
Penguin 2020 is a mystery thriller movie in the Hindi language.

The film was directed by Eashvar Karthic, who is also the scriptwriter of this film. The film's duration is 132 minutes. It's a thrilling story about Rhythm, also called Ritu. She had a nightmare about her first son who had gone missing. The loss depressed her for a long time. In the dream, her missing son was under an umbrella with an unknown man.

Keerthy Suresh In Penguin
Keerthy Suresh plays the role of Ritu who is finding her missing son and fighting an evil kidnapper.

Although Ritu is going to have another child in her second marriage, she is still finding her lost son. Then, she found him and also the kidnapper, fight that evil man to save her child. A pregnant woman has to fight an unknown man hiding under a yellow umbrella. Can she protect her children from that kidnapper? Just watch the movie to explore.

Penguins Madagascar Full Movie In Hindi

If you got frightened by the dim and thrilling plot and scenes of Penguin, you may need a lovely cartoon to heal you. Penguin of Madagascar movie in Hindi is a nice choice for you. This cartoon features the adventures as well as interesting stories of four cute penguins, Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private. It was made in 2014.

The Penguins of Madagascar full movie in Hindi 480p free download will make you laugh out loud with many funny scenes. Besides, it also brings you to many lands during the adventures of those wise penguins. Moreover, the life of animals around this penguin squad also blow your mind.

It Follows The Adventures Of Four Smart Brave And
It Follows The Adventures Of Four Smart, Brave, And Very Lovely Penguins

The first episode of the movie was released in 2014 by 20th Century Fox Studio. It was produced by DreamWork with a huge budget of $132 million (about 967 crore INR). It made a big hit and brought the filmmakers $373 million (27 Arab INR).

It Has Movie Version And A Tv Series With Three Se
DreamWork Produced A Movie Version And A TV Series With Three Seasons About This Penguin Squad

The film received a lot of positive reviews and praise from critics and audiences. It has been one of the most favorite animated movies of people of all ages all over the world. You can also find the subtitled versions of this film in your countries to watch and enjoy, including the Hindi language subtitled film for Indian audiences and cartoon lovers.

The Penguins Of Madagascar Vs Dave
In the movie version, the four penguins have to fight against the evil octopus Dave to save the penguin population.

Penguins of Madagascar Movie Plot

The trailer of the movie The Penguins from Madagascar released in 2014 introduced four main characters. Three small little penguins, Skipper with a strong heart, Kowalski with a super-smart brain, and Rico with a great loyalty saved a penguin egg from big seals. Then, a baby penguin was born from that egg. He is the last member of this funny squad.

Then, four penguins started their journey in the human world. They have to hunt for food, fight against dangerous enemies, escape from human officers to save their freedom and lives. When the world is threatened by terrorists, they also save the world.

Penguins Of Madagascar Movie
Follow the adventures of four penguins to many lands in the world

Apart from the four main characters, the film also features many other animal and human characters. The first group of animals introduced in the trailer is The North Wind, a secret force agency of well-trained and fire-armed animals. This organization is led by a wolf. Moreover, there is a harp seal, a polar bear, and a beautiful and intelligent snowy owl. They helped the penguin team a lot in fighting Dave, an evil octopus to protect the penguin population.

They Join The Secret Force Agency The North Wind
They Join The Secret Force Agency The North Wind To Save The World

Penguins of Madagascar TV Series

The TV series The Penguins of Madagascar has three parts. It also revolves around four young penguins, namely Skipper as the leader, Kowalski - a scientist, Rico - a useful supporter, and Private - the youngest member of this team. Unlike the movie version, this TV series brings audiences many funny stories about their daily life in the zoo.

  • The first season was released from 2008 to 2010. It includes 48 episodes from 1 to 48.
  • The second season started in 2010 and ended in 2012. It has 68 episodes from 49 to 116.
  • The latest season lasted from 2012 to 2015. That season has 33 episodes from 117 to 149.
The Penguins Of Madagascar
The Penguins Of Madagascar TV series is one of the most favorite cartoons in the world

These series brought audiences a really interesting and relaxing time. Each episode is a small story happening around the penguin team. They are smart, brave, enthusiastic, and very cute. Skipper and his team always solve the problems for animal friends in the Central Park Zoo. Besides, they also protect them when they are in need, especially the trio of troublemakers, King Julien XIII, Maurice, and Mort. They are both opponents and friends. That's why The Penguins Of Madagascar is funny, entertaining, and educational.

Those are two brief reviews of the Penguin movie in Hindi and the interesting cartoon about penguins, The Penguins Of Madagascar. Which one do you prefer? Just leave a comment to let us know. To update the latest movie news and more interesting movie reviews, just visit our website.