2020 has been a year of true horror for the film industry, but fortunately, the best horror movies on Netflix 2020 allow us to enjoy what we need without going to the cinema. Although some big-budget productions are missing, the pandemic has not been able to prevent us from watching these movies.

best horror movies on netflix 2020

A reminder that from December 5-6, Netflix is available to everyone in India for free. So check out netflix.com/StreamFest, sign up for it using your name or nickname, your email or phone number, as well as a password. When December 5 comes, you can just start streaming your favorite cinematic production for free, no card payments nor information necessary.

Once you've done that, you can start watching the top 10 scariest movies on Netflix 2020 at no cost at all when the free period arrives. Without further ado, here is the list of the top 10 best horror movies on Netflix 2020 according to us:

Top 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix 2020 List to Watch Before the Year Ends

1. The Shining

It is always a good time to revisit the Stanley Kubrick classic in which Jack Nicholson plays the unbalanced and frustrated writer Jack Torrance and his descent into the most psychopathic madness while living with his wife and son (and the occasional unexpected guest) in the Overlook Hotel.

2. Rosemary's Baby

Roman Polanksi's classic starring Mia Farrow remains one of the best horror thriller movies on Netflix 2020 you can watch. A young married couple moves into a new apartment when the woman becomes pregnant, unaware that their neighbors belong to a satanic sect and that the child they expect is not as pure as they imagine.

3. Insidious (and sequels)

For those who want to do a supernatural horror marathon, there is nothing better than checking out the Insidious series, which has four installments available on Netflix. The story begins with a family who, while trying to escape from their old haunted house, moves to a new home, where they discover that their eldest son is the real danger.

4. #Alive

The zombie genre could not be missing from this best horror movies on Netflix 2020 list. Netflix has an original movie titled #Alive in which a young social media addict will have to survive trapped in his apartment whose only help comes from those he can chat with on the internet. Exciting and distressing in equal measure.

5. A Quiet Place

A spectacular film by John Krasinski that managed to make it to the screens in 2018. It is a story that tells the life of a family that must survive in the middle of a planet ravaged by deadly creatures, who cannot see but hear almost everything that makes a noise.

While the content looks like it belongs to the bargain bin at first glance, it turns out every scene of the movie makes it a worthy addition to the best horror movies on Netflix 2020 list. Starring Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe, the movie is best enjoyed with someone else for maximum enjoyment.

6. It (2017)

A modern take on the story that dates back to the 80s in cinema, where Stephen King shines with the story of a demonic clown who wants to kill a group of friends through dreams.

The new edition of Andy Muschietti is worthy of the original movies, and is about a being that attacks the children of the town of Maine (Bill Skarsgård) and is fought back by a group of small misfits calling themselves "The Losers Club".

7. Cadaver

Few know about Norwegian cinema and this movie is a great option to begin your venture into it, and it's great for all occasions whether if it's Halloween or a regular day.

Leonora (Gitte Witt), along with her husband, Jacob (Thomas Gullestad), and her little daughter Alice (Tuva Olivia Remman) are in a hotel that has been drawing many people and food is the main point of attraction among all those who "live together" there. Worth a watch.

8. Deliver Us from Evil

If you are looking for a movie that has action and horror at the same time, this is a great option and it is about Ralph Sarchie (Eric Bana), a New York police officer who finds a child of a few weeks dead in a garbage can and a case of domestic violence.

From there, they begin to experience a series of events that ends with a policeman possessed by a demon that wants to harm a family.

9. The Babysitter: Killer Queen

Do you remember the film "The Babysitter" that was released in 2017? Well, this is the continuation of that story and all the events happen a couple of years later when Cole (Judah Lewis) discovered the dark side of his nanny called Bee (Samara Weaving).

In this new story, Cole's best friend turns out to be the leader of a satanic cult and begins to discover an evil side to her. There will be everything from explosions to black humor. Recommended.

10. Anabelle

If the Chucky movies seem like a waste of time, then we have to say that Anabelle is not and will make you scream more than once from the comfort of your home. This 2014 film that was a worldwide success tells the story of a doll that comes to a woman named Mia's hands when her husband gives it to her for his collection.

We will not tell you the beginning of the plot because it is worth seeing, but the plot focuses on the pursuit of the doll on the family and the little daughter puts her life at risk.

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