After the tremendous success and controversies in equal measure generated by 365 Days, the Polish film considered to be the spiritual successor of 50 Shades of Gray, you are probably now among those finding movies with hot videos Netflix 2020, which requires you to take a look at Netflix's catalog of erotic films.

Top 10 Movies With Hot Videos Netflix 2020 That Are Close To Real P.o.rn

Keep in mind that the censorship measures on the streaming platform regarding the content of this type are enough to prevent such hot videos Netflix 2020 online from being classified as mere p.o.rn, but they do have many risque scenes and great erotic content.

The best thing is that within Netflix there are several very interesting erotic films with many hot videos Netflix 2020 online watch such as Hot Girls Wanted or Rocco. Of course, if none of them suit you, you can always browse Netflix's secret codes to find the erotic category that best suits what you are looking for:

Top 10 Netflix Movies with Hot Videos Netflix 2020 that Look Very Close to P.o.rn

1. 365 Days

Of course, we start out with the movie that has become one of the most controversial productions on the platform, whose hot videos Netflix 2020 are worth a watch. The story goes like this if you are interested: Massimo is a member of a Sicilian mafia family, Laura is a sales manager for a company and they both have a relationship.

But things didn't work out, so in order to rekindle the flame, Massimo decides to kidnap Laura and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him.

2. Rocco

This is technically a documentary about Rocco Siffredi, probably the best-known p.o.rn actor of all time. Specifically, it revolves around his last year behind the cameras, offering a review of the adult entertainment industry from his own perspective. There are plenty of hot videos Netflix 2020 in the documentary as you would expect.

3. Hot Girls Wanted

Technically it is not a movie and a documentary like Rocco, but Hot Girls Wanted is worth noting because the content it deals with is very interesting and it almost won an Emmy. The movie talks about how easy it is for the industry to attract girls who are looking for easy money and how, after taking advantage of them, the industry returns them to the real world where it is very difficult for them to function as before.

4. Below Her Mouth

A heterosexual woman about to get married, Jasmine (Natalie Krill), watches her world collapse when a lesbian, Dallas (Erika Linder), begins to try to change her mind using uninhibited sex as a tool. An unexpected adventure that will change the story of the two women forever.

5. Duck Butter

Two women spend the night together after meeting in a bar and make a surprising decision. Tired of the usual relationships, they choose to lock themselves in for 24 hours having sex to try to discover themselves but also end up generating a bond that they have never achieved until now. Spanish actress Laia Costa truly shines in the hot videos Netflix 2020 in the movie.

6. Love

One of the most notable hot videos Netflix 2020 can be found in Love. The story begins with a phone call to Murphy (Karl Glusman), in which he discovers that his ex-girlfriend Electra (Aomi Muyock) is missing. Our protagonist, who is now married with a child, relives his past and the stormy relationship he had with this woman for two years in Paris, the city of love.

With an excess of drugs, hard sex, passion...Love has everything we look for in an erotic movie. However, the critics did not receive this film by director Gaspar Noé very well, compared to other controversial works by the director such as Irreversible or Enter the Void.

7. White Girl

In White Girl, we have another story of when a girl meets a boy, but with lots of twists and turns. Leah (Morgan Saylor), a young university student, goes crazy for a boy named Blue (Brian Marc) who sells drugs in the neighborhood where he lives. And you know how bad guys always get the girls.

They will soon start selling drugs together and living their lives, but after a night of partying that goes wrong and Blue ends up in jail, Leah is willing to do anything to get him back. White Girl surprised at Sundance as one of the best films of the festival in 2016.

8. And Your Mom Too

Although this movie is not really impressive, the love trio between Diego Luna, Gael García, and Maribel Verdú is enough for your needs. In it, a woman (Maribel Verdú) will make an exotic trip to the beach with two teenagers. At the end of the movie, the trio will get in on the kind of action that delights fans of eroticism, one of the hot videos Netflix 2020 they should not miss.

9. Love Steaks

Directed by German Jakob Lass, Love Steaks takes place in a luxury hotel, where we meet two new employees: Lara (Lana Cooper) and Clemens (Franz Rogowski). Lara wants to assert herself as a chef, while Clemens is a rookie masseuse who has just arrived at the spa.

Lara and Clemens meet every day in the hotel elevator until a spark between them causes such fiery and raw romance like actual love steaks, even if the relationship is doomed to failure.

10. Newness

Martin and Gabriella are a young couple who use dating apps to have sex with people, but eventually lose their excitement and satisfaction until they meet each other. From that moment, the couple begins a story of romance and extreme erotic hot videos Netflix 2020 that puts your mind and body to the test.

Although at first everything seems to be going well, eventually their union is put at risk by each lovebird's own needs, the environment and passion.

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