Apart from making their appearance in films, red-carpet events, or TV shows, Bollywood superstars also feature in wedding ceremonies which makes the function more special and memorable. However, having an A-lister at your wedding is such a serious deal that you will need to be extravagant and launch out a large sum of money. From Sunny Leone, Katrina Kaif to Shah Rukh Khan here is the money you need to pay to have them at your wedding!

Katrina Kaif
Having Katrina Kaif at your wedding? Such a crazy idea an average person can never think of

Katrina Kaif

The Bollywood diva whom everyone wishes to have on their wedding day is Katrina Kaif. With her stunning dance moves, she is the greatest choice when it comes to parties and ceremonies. The actress charges a whopping Rs 1-2.5 core for making her appearance at a wedding function. The exact price depends on the length of her performance.

Sunny leone
What about Sunny Leone? Her price is way cheaper to go with

Sunny Leone

It won’t take less than Rs 23 lakh for you to have the hottest Bollywood bombshell Sunny Leone for a 30-minute performance at your wedding. However, it’s worth the money as her appearance will absolutely set everyone on fire and make your wedding more lavish and fabulous.

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Hrithik roshan
Hrithik Roshan will rock the stage of your wedding and make it the most unforgettable day in your life

Hrithik Roshan

Having Hrithik Roshan at your wedding must be a dream come true to many people. However, your dream will only come at a shocking rate of Rs 2.5 core.

Priyanka Chopra
Big stars like Priyanka Chopra used to features at wedding functions but the chance is rarer when she becomes more popular

Priyanka Chopra

The former Miss World and Bollywood leading lady Priyanka Chopra used to make performances on wedding stages at the price of Rs 2.5 crore for a single attendance. However, it seems to be challenging to have her at your wedding as the superstar is now shuttling around India and the US for many international projects.

Shah Rukh Khan
Having Shah Rukh Khan performing at a wedding? You will need to be not only rich but also an influencing people of the country to make it possible!

Shah Rukh Khan

The idea of having King Khan in a wedding is mind-blowing and there are only a few people who are rich, famous, and influential enough to make it happen. The most sought after actor will only come to make his appearance at a private party or wedding with no less than Rs 3 crore. However, the superstar stills make it available for his friends and acquaintances only so you have to be not only rich but also have a good relationship with the Bollywood world to have such a famous star like him featuring at the wedding.

Ranveer Singh
Ranveer Singh is also a great option as his energy can take the audience by storm effortlessly

Ranveer Singh

Another Bollywood superstar who is ready to take the party to the next level with energetic performance is Ranveer Singh. His rate for a wedding attendance is around Rs 1-1.5 crore but the price might go higher as his name has become more popular over the past years.

Salman Khan During His Performance During Iifa 201

Salman Khan

When it comes to the lavish and extravagant party, Salman Khan is also a popular choice thanks to his popularity and dancing skills. The actor will show up at a wedding at the price of Rs 1.5-2 crore.

Salman Khan In Washington

Sonaki Sinha

Sonaki Sinha will not charge you a whopping number as other Bollywood A-lister but the effect she creates is still so great. She is also a talented dancer and giving of her affordable rate, Sonaki is apparently one of the greatest choices when you want to make your wedding more impressive and flashy!

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Akshaykuma D1bd590568935a0 1024x683

Akshay Kumar

When it comes to Bollywood superstars who are available for wedding functions, Akshay Kumar is also a famous one who is in high demand. The actor who is well known for a lot of action drama can be booked for Rs 1.5 - 2.5 crore and you can expect more than just a casual dance performance from this superstar.


20170622185656 Img 7727

Ranbir Kapoor

Dreaming about a star-studded wedding party with all of the Bollywood superstars on the stage? Do not forget to add Ranbir Kapoor, the prince of Bollywood to the list. Given the fact that he has become more and more popular over the past year, the price to invite Ranbir Kapoor to personal wedding functions and private parties has increased up to Rs 2 crore. however, it's worth to have the national heartthrob at your wedding to make it a memorable event!

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Malaika Arora Khan
Malaika Arora Khan is here to stell the spotlight with her dance moves

Malaika Arora

In case you're looking for a charming and stunning actress to cast the spell on the guesses at the wedding party, Malaika Arora is a great option to go with. Her booking rate is also more affordable than other stars as it will be just around Rs 25 to 35 lakh. The actress can effortlessly raise the hotness quotient and drive the audience insane with her moves. Sure that her charm and gorgeousness will cast a spell on all of the guests and make your wedding function become the most noticeable events in town!

Above is the average rate for Bollywood superstars to feature at a wedding. Although it seems impossible for most of us to spend a whopping amount of money on having a big star rocking our wedding state, it's interesting to know some facts about the life of crazy rich people. Visit our website Gurugamer.com for more interesting news about games and entertainment!

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