Sunny Leone has been present in the Dubai Trade Show to introduce her cosmetic brand "Star Truck". It surprised a lot of fans. Check it out here with

Sunny Leone Introduced Her Make-Up Line In Dubai Trade Show

The actress had revealed that she wanted to run her own business. Therefore, she launched her own make-up brand named "Star Truck". Recently, she surprised her fans when joining a Gala in Dubai. Her presence was a part of the trade show Concept Big Brands Carnival in this country.

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She wore a pink gown and stole the spotlight with her charming beauty. Moreover, her fans in Dubai could see and talk with her in close distance. They could also buy a lot of cosmetic products from Star Truck.

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Talking at this event, the Bollywood star said she was very happy to be a part of this trade show. This great event gave her a chance to meet and talk with her fans, who have been supporting her and Star Truck from the beginning.

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Leone revealed that she was investing in her business. She also models for her make-up products. During the quarantine time in Los Angeles with her family, the actress has been introducing her cosmetic brand to followers via social media platforms, including Instagram.

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The beautiful actress proved that she was the greatest model for her own make-up line. That's why Star Truck is one of the most cosmetic lines in the market now. In that trade show, Sunny also contact with fans and brought them her cosmetic products, such as lipsticks.

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If you follow her on Instagram, you will notice that the actress often advertises her cosmetic line. She is also the model in those advertisements. Here are some images of her in the Dubai trade show and on Instagram. Just take a look.

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