The South Indian film industry has shown us the rise of many prominent movies in a variety of genres from action, drama, horror, to romance. Many even believe that South Indian movies deserve more recognition than they do now. Today, will introduce to you the best South Indian love story movie list in recent years. Check the following list to learn which movies are included!


The 2018 romantic movie revolves around a couple who meets each other after a 22-year separation. Travel photographer Ram returns to his high school and decides to reunite some of his friends including Jaanu, his childhood sweetheart. Back in 1996, they had sweet memories before Ram’s father faced a lot of financial difficulties, leading to his family suddenly moving to Madras. The next incidents finally put an end to their romantic relationship.

Many years later, they once again reunite but their love story can’t continue. Both may love each other; however, they now belong to two separate worlds. Jaanu now has a family with another man while Ram is still single. Their reunion is seemingly to clear up misunderstandings and release themselves from regrets in the past. 96 is a must-watch if you are looking for a South Indian love story movie list.


Super Khiladi 4 Or Nenu Local

Back in 2017, Super Khiladi 4, also known as Nenu Local, grossed Rs58 crore at the box office in the opening weekend and became a blockbuster that marks the greatest solo commercial success during Nani’s acting career. The main cast of this movie includes Nani and Keerthy Suresh as Babu and Keerthi, respectively.

Super Khiladi 4 revolves around Babu - a college student who has just completed his Engineering Degree at college. He is then in a romantic relationship with Keerthy but Siddharth Verma, her ex-fiance, suddenly appears to ask to marry her. All that Babu needs to do right now is trying to impress Keerthy’s father, but it isn’t obvious a simple mission. What will Babu do to win the heart of his lover’s father? Watch Super Khiladi to get your own answer!

Nenu Local

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Dear Comrade

It is always very important to learn how to manage anger; however, not all people are good at this skill. And the main character in Bharat Kamma’s 2019 romantic movie Dear Comrade is one of such people. Bobby often loses his temper with everything in his life, making his childhood friend Lilly frightened about a serious relationship with him. However, Bobby promises to handle his anger management issue for her, and they start a passionate love. A series of incidents then take place, making their love experience ups and downs. Is there any happy ending for both Bobby and Lilly? Or will they part away, as Lilly said, that they belong to two different life paths? Watch Deare Comrade to follow their love journey!

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Tholi Prema

There is more than just a love story in Tholi Prema, a romantic movie that was directed by Venky Atluri in 2018. It marks a great collaboration of Varun Tej and Raashi Khanna as the main roles. Tholi Prema also received a lot of positive reviews from the critics and audience, as well as gained many nominations and awards for a variety of categories such as Favorite Debut Director (Venky Atluri) or Entertainer Of The Year - Female (Raashi Khanna). It's not surprising that Tholi Prema occupies a slot on the South Indian school love story movie list.

On a destiny train, Aditya Adi Shekar accidentally meets Varsha and falls in love with the girl at first sight. He quickly proposes to her and hopes that she will give him an answer by the morning; however, he then surprisingly realizes that Varsha disappears without any notice to him. Three months later, she once again stands in front of him, and more surprisingly, she now becomes a new student at his college. All that she does is to reveal to him that she has a special feeling for Adi. Watch Tholi Prema to know what the couple experience to cultivate their love!

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The last name on the South Indian best love story movie list is Remo, a 2016 romantic comedy movie that was directed by Bakkiyaraj Kannan. Sivakarthikeyan and Keerthy Suresh play the main roles while the supporting roles belong to Rajendran, Sathish, Anson Paul, Aadukalam Naren, and more. Remo received up to 6 nominations and 5 awards for the Best Actor, Best Comedian, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Debut Director, and therefore, it definitely deserves a try!

Siva is a talented theatre actor but doesn’t know how to act out romantic scenes. He then falls in love with a beautiful doctor named Kavya; however, he painfully realizes that she gets engaged to doctor Vishwa. Siva decides to transform himself as a nurse named Remo to approach her and try to ruin her engagement. After a lot of effort, he finally manages to become a close friend with Kavya and make her engagement with Vishwa end. However, when she knows that Siva turns out to be Remo, Kavya feels betrayed and puts an end to their relationship. Watch Remo to know how Siva once again win his lover’s heart!


Above are some of the top movies on the South Indian love story movie list. What can be greater than watching a romantic movie along with your family or sweethearts on a winter night? Enjoy this list right now!

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