2020 is the year of a series of impressive horror movies that are no doubt a great option for horror fans. Which is the best new horror movie 2020? Which is the worst one? How many movies have you watched to date? Which movies are postponed due to the COVID-19 epidemic? Check out the following list with Gurugamer.com!

Top Best New Horror Movie 2020 List

The Turning

The supernatural horror movie is based on the 1998 novel The Turning Of The Screw by Henry James. In The Turning, governess Kate (Mackenzie Davis) is in charge of taking care of two orphans Flora (Brooklynn Prince) and Miles (Finn Wolfhard). She rapidly realizes many scary phenomena and dark secrets behind these two naïve children, as well as their house. The Turning isn’t obviously made for the faint of heart.

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The Invisible Man

No more Dark Universe! This time, Universal Pictures turned Invisible Man into a standalone project. Based on H. G. Wells’s novel of the same name, the movie revolves around an invisible man who spreads fear to others; however, director Leigh Whannell decided to develop the whole story in modern society. The first trailer of The Invisible Man gained a lot of acclaim due to its impressive scenes, as well as successfully made the audience curious about the story in which the husband plays possum to haunt his wife. If you are looking for the best horror movies in Hindi 2020, don’t miss The Invisible Man!

Train To Busan 2

After the great success of the first movie, the filmmakers decide to make the sequel that is set four years after the zombie pandemic. The Korean blockbuster received high appreciation due to its thrilling trailer.

In Train To Busan 2, Jung Seok (Kang Dong Won) and his team start a journey to rescue survivors who are still stuck in the devastated region. The pandemic that was supposed to end four years ago turns out to continue happening in this place. The bloodthirsty zombie army has hunted people everywhere. The trailer of Train To Busan 2 deserves one of the best horror movie trailers 2020.

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A Quiet Place: Part II

Back in 2018, John Krasinski’s horror novel A Quiet Place made both the critics and audience a lot surprised. The movie was first scheduled to be released in March this year; however, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything, and A Quiet Place: Part II is not an exception. Accordingly, the global audience may watch this film at the theatre in April next year.

A Quiet Place: Part II takes the audience back to a silent land in which any sound can make people become food for a bloody creature. In this movie, the audience will meet again the Abbott couple and their newly-born baby.

A Quiet Place


Antlers is set in a small town in Oregon, the US. Teacher Julia Meadows (Keri Russell) and her brother Chief Paul (Jesse Plemons) suddenly have to face a series of weird trouble caused by a female student. Guillermo del Toro is the producer of this movie project, and therefore, fans of Pan’s Labyrinth or The Shape Of Water shouldn’t miss the supernatural horror movie Antlers.

Saw: The Organ Donor

On the best horror movies list 2020, Saw: The Organ Donor is a must-watch. The Saw series hasn’t still ended after the 8th movie. As a piece of evidence, filmmakers made the latest movie Saw: The Organ Donor or Spiral: From The Book Of Saw starring Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson. It is said that Saw 9 goes with a mixture of dark content and a few hilarious moments. After watching the trailer, the audience may wonder who is behind these murders and it seems that detective Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks (Chris Rock) almost discovers the truth because he is chained at the end of the trailer.

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The Candyman

The Candyman revolves around schoolgirl Helen after she discovers the myths about a soul to serve her research. This soul turns out to be a black slave’s son who suffered from a tragic life. He always wants to take revenge for everything in life and appears if someone calls his name 5 times in front of a mirror.

The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It

When it comes to the best new horror movie 2020 list, the latest movie in The Conjuring series is no doubt a great option. The world of The Conjuring once again welcomes the global audience with a new movie. In The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga portray paranormal investigators Warren. The couple will investigate a murder case in which the killer always says that he is controlled by a demon.

Behind The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It is a true story that first took place in the United States in 1981. This was the first time during history in which the defendant uses a devil as an excuse for his crime.

The Conjuring 3

Above is the top best new horror movie 2020 list you shouldn’t miss. Some are now available to the global audience while some are delayed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Add all of these movies to your watch list and watch them as soon as possible!

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