When it comes to adventure movies, many first think about Hollywood adventure movies dubbed in Tamil that often go with lots of excitement, curiosity, and thrill. New mysterious lands in such movies are easy to spread the boundless inspiration for any one of us, especially wanderlusters.

Today, let Gurugamer.com introduce to you some of the best adventure movies dubbed in Tamil to date! Read the following list right now!

Best Adventure Movies Dubbed In Tamil

King Kong

In a bid to earn a lot of money via valuable scenes, a director takes his film crew along with sailors to discover a primitive island - the mysterious Skull Island. And a series of terrible incidents take place since they enter the island. It turns out that the owner of Skull Island is native, dinosaurs, and many other dangerous living creatures. Even a worm wants to eat them.

In this scary land, there is an extraordinary relationship between King Kong - a giant gorilla and a nice girl from New York. King Kong saves her many times and then chooses to leave the island to come to the human world. However, humans never leave him alone, and what will happen when King Kong becomes angry.

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Gladiator revolves around a powerful Roman general Maximus Decimus Meridius who wins the hearts of both Emperor Marcus Aurelius and the people. The Emperor decides to leave his crown to Maximus, but his son Commodus feels angry about this decision. Commodus then kills Marcus and plans to terminate Maximus to protect his crown.

From a powerful general, Maximus becomes a slave and then a gladiator. His talent helps him gain support from other gladiators, as well as viewers. Does Maximus make use of his fame to take revenge for Marcus’s death or Commodus keep holding the crown? Don’t miss Gladiator on the best Hollywood adventure movies list dubbed in Tamil!

Pirates Of Caribbean

It is not exaggerated to say that Johnny Depp successfully builds a legendary image of pirates via his role as Jack Sparrow. Humorous, glib, artful, and even awkward are all what the global audience easily sees in Captain Jack Sparrow.

Apart from Jack Sparrow, Disney’s blockbuster series opens up a multifaceted picture about the pirate world, from those who always pursue honor and belief to wily and mean ones. As one of the best Hollywood adventure movies in Tamil dubbed, The Pirates Of Caribbean series deserves a spot on this list!

Pirates Of The Caribbean

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The 2017 movie revolves around Dia de Muertos in Morelia, Mexico. The main character is a 12-year-old boy Miguel with his strong passion for music - that his family doesn’t give him any support. However, he has a great adventure to the afterworld by using the guitar of his idol Ernesto de la Cruz.

Apart from the images, Coco also introduces to its audience a variety of music styles in Spain in which each can be a true artist. Regardless of richness or poverty, music is a bond to connect everything with each other. The images of the musician or dancer performing on the streets are caught throughout the movie. Watch Coco on the Hollywood adventure movies list dubbed in Tamil download right now!



In the future, in 2154, when resources on Earth are exhausted, making the Earth barren without any mineral or green trees. However, advanced technology allows people to travel to other planets to keep exploiting minerals in a bid to meet the huge demands of people on Earth.

Avatar marks the collaboration of Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, and Zoe Saldana. Set in the fantasy planet Pandora with giant trees, sparkling forests, and scary wild animals, the movie is a song about Na’vi - natives on this planet. Avatar is a perfect mixture of many genres including science fiction, adventure, action, and romance.

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The Lord Of The Rings

Known as one of the best Hollywood adventure movies in Tamil dubbed of all time, The Lord Of The Rings series offers you many addictive experiences. The first movie in this series is set in Middle-Earth and mentions Hobbit Frodo Baggins’s journey to eliminate the One Ring. The fate of Middle-Earth is determined by Frodo and his 08 friends in The Fellowship Of The Ring. They have to bring the Ring to Mount Doom in Mordo - the only place that Sauron’s One Ring can be destroyed completely.


Jungle tells a story about a terrible journey of a group of friends into the Amazon rainforest to seek an old Indian village. However, they never think that living in the rainforest is not easy at all. The 2017 movie is based on Yossi Ghinsberg’s memoir of the same name. They have to face a lot of challenges such as eating raw meat or hunted by dangerous creatures in the forest.

Above are some of the best Hollywood adventure movies dubbed in Tamil you shouldn’t miss. They are a great option during the quarantine or on weekends. Watch them right now!

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