A gangster movie list is amongst the top priorities of audiences across the world. Do you remember how Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather presented a huge wave of excitement among its audience, as well as filmmakers in Hollywood? Check out the following list including some of the most prominent movies in this genre with Gurugamer.com!

Best Gangster Movie List - The Godfather (Series) (9.2 - 9.0 - 7.6)

The Godfather deserves to sit on the first position on this list. Furthermore, its soundtrack received a lot of positive reviews from music critics and became a prominent name when it comes to a gangster movie songs list. All of the three movies in this series revolve around the Corleone family. The story starts along with the appeal of both friends and partners to a man called God Father in his daughter’s wedding.

Also in this period, the Corleone family is suggested to join the drug trade - which God Father never feels interested in. Vito Corleone’s refusal pushes the conflicts of the leading families to the peak and opens a war without end. Vito then transfers his power to his youngest son Michael and the new God Father is ready to purge the leaders of the 5 great families.

The Godfather Michael
Michael Corleone in The Godfather.

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Best Gangster Movie List - Goodfellas (8.7/10)

The next name on the list of gangster movie is Goodfellas with an 8.7 rating on IMDb. It tells a story about the life of three key characters that are based on a true story in New York City in 1960 - 1970. The local boy Henry Hill then becomes a gangster in a city full of the most dangerous and brutal criminals. Tommy DeVito is a pure banger who turns out to be Henry’s best friend.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Conway is the one to connect the two people with each other and runs some of the biggest-ever robberies and burglaries in the town. After a long prison sentence, Henry has to sneakily smuggle drugs to keep following the luxurious life in his dream while the local baron Paulie Cicero doesn’t know anything.  At last, Henry and his friends have to do anything possible to save themselves from the hell and keep surviving.

Best Gangster Movie List - Pulp Fiction (8.9/10)

Quentin Tarantino successfully mixes many materials such as weirdness in Japanese games, brutality in the movie American Gangster, and renews them to make the most influential masterpiece in the United States in the 1990s. Pulp Fiction is a collection of many stories that seemingly lack a certain bond but turn out to have an interesting relationship.

Pulp Fiction received 7 Oscar nominations for the Best Picture, the Best Original Screenplay, the Best Actor, and more. It won the Golden Palm award at the Cannes Film Festival. Many critics believe that this movie is amongst the best movies of all time. That’s why you should miss it on this gangster movie list.

Pulp Fiction

Best Gangster Movie List - Gomorrah (7.0/10)

Released in 2008, Gomorrah is Matteo Garrone’s Italian crime movie that gets inspired by Roberto Saviano’s non-fiction book of the same name. The movie revolves around the Casalesi family - a crime syndicate in a traditional criminal organization called Camorra in Caserta and Naples.

Many gangsters are killed while relaxing in a salon. This murder is a signal to mark the brutal battle of families of the Di Lauro Camorra syndicate. Gomorrah combines 5 separate stories about those who live in an organized criminal world.

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Best Gangster Movie List - City Of God (8.7/10)

Instead of a gangster movie list Bollywood, Hollywood, or Hongkong, City Of God, in fact, is a classic movie about gangsters produced by Brazilian cinema. It is based on a true story about the life of reporter Wilson Rodrigues who was born and grew up in Rio De Janeiro. The City Of God tells a story about Rocket (Wilson)’s life in the fear of purges, gangs, and local gunfights.

This movie doesn’t just mention the conflicts of the gangs of Lil Ze and Carrot, but it also shows us a terrible truth about the interaction between poverty and crime in a city under a gorgeous name: The city of God. In this place, people keep living in poverty, and children contact criminals since their childhood. The 2002 movie received 4 Oscar nominations for the Best Directing, the Best Adapted Screenplay, the Best Cinematography, and the Best Film Editing.

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Best Gangster Movie List - The Departed (8.5/10)

The Departed is a remake of Hongkong’s Infernal Affair. It revolves around a secret mission of undercover police Billy (Leonardo DiCaprio) in a bid to penetrate and find out the evidence and arrest baron Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson). Under the direction of talented director Martin Scorsese and the great performances of many A-class actors, The Departed won 4 Oscar awards including the award for the Best Picture of the year.

Above are some of the best gangster movie list with impressive IMDb ratings you shouldn’t miss. Leave a comment in the comment box below to tell us which movie suits you the most! And don’t forget to keep updating the latest news and movies on the Movies section at Gurugamer.com!