Having one of the world's biggest film industries, India is the home of many talented and famous actors. Obvious fame and reputation always come along with money. The more famous they are, the richer they get. Today, let’s take a look at the list of 10 richest Indian actor and find out who is the wealthiest and most powerful one.

1. Shah Rukh Khan

Net worth: Rs 5250 crore

Shah Rukh Khan Richest Indian Actor
Shah Rukh Khan is the richest Indian actor in the world

When it comes to the richest Indian actor, Shah Rukh Khan might be the first name to come into your might. You got it right! It’s none other than the King Khan who tops the list of richest actors in India in 2021 with a whopping net worth of Rs 5250 crore.

Having been working in the industry for decades, SRK has undoubtedly carved his niche as the most famous actor of the country whose name can guarantee for any films. His reputation is not only well heard in the nation and surrounding countries but also goes overseas.

2. Amitabh Bachchan

Net worth: Rs 3360 crore

Amitabh Bachchan Richest Indian Actor
Amitabh Bachchan

Another acclaimed Bollywood actor to dominate the list of richest Indian actor is the veteran actor Amitah Bachchan. At the age of 78 years old, he has been working as an actress for half a century and is still working dedicatedly in Indian film industry. Thanks to his overwhelming reputation, the actor managed to get huge incomes from acting and endorsement.

3. Salman Khan

Net worth: Rs 2150 crore

Salman Khan Richest Indian Actor
Salman Khan

With a Rs 2150 crore net worth, the Dabang superstar lands at the third position of the list. The reigning star of Bollywood made a name for himself thanks to the success of many blockbusters and is now listed as the highest-paid actress of India.

Just like other superstars, the endorsement is also a huge source of income to the actor. In addition to that, he also works in the industry as a producer and owns a production house for himself.

4. Hrithik Roshan

Net worth: Rs 2680 Crore

Hrithik Roshan Richest Indian Actor
Hrithik Roshan

The next Bollywood superstar to get into the thousand-crore club is Krrish star Hrithik Roshan. Just like other rich and famous celebrities, the actor keeps making headlines for his fancy lifestyle. He is well-known for his luxury car collection and also runs a merchandise brand called HRX.

5. Aamir Khan

Net worth: Rs 1260 Crore

Aamir Khan Richest Indian Actor

The list of richest Indian actor in 2021 also goes with the legendary superstar Aamir Khan. Although the actor is not quite active on the silver screen over the past few years, he once reached the peak and managed to gain approximately Rs 1260 crores at the moment.

According to some trusted sources, the actor usually charges around 60 crore for a movie. In addition to that, his endorsement deals with international brands like Coca-cola, Toyota Innova or Samsung also make him stinking rich.

6. Akshay Kumar

Net worth: Rs 1050 crore

Akshay Kumar

Being talented and hard-working, Akshay Kumar keeps racking up money from films every year. By Jan 2021, his net worth is said to be around Rs 1050 crore which leaves him a solid position in the list of richest Indian actor. The actor is last seen in the Bollywood action movie Sooryavanshi which is doing great at the box office at the moment!

7. Ranbir Kapoor

Net worth: Rs 322 Crore

Ranbir Kapoor Richest Indian Actor

Among the young and later Indian actors, Ranbir Kapoor seems to be the richest one who bagged more than Rs 322 crore after working as an actor for nearly a decade. His annual income is estimated at around Rs 32 crore while he charges Rs 20 crore for a movie.

8. Ajay Devgn

Net worth: Rs 298 Crore

Ajay Devgn

More than just an actor, Ajay Devgn is also a talented director and producer in Bollywood who managed to keep his popularity for decades. Apart from his stellar acting skills, the national award winner is also tributed thanks to his dedication and contribution to the Indian film industry.

9. Shahid Kapoor

Net worth: Rs 258 Crore

Shahid Kapoor

Thanks to the overwhelming success of Ranbir Singh back in 2019, Shahid Kapoor is believed to earn at least Rs 35 crore more from the movie and increase his net worth to Rs 258 crore by Jan 2021. The 39-year-old actor is highly appreciated for his acting skills which do not only bring him awards and reputation but also a lot of money.

10. Ranveer Singh

Net worth: Rs 223 Crore

Ranveer Singh

Being listed as a Bollywood A-lister and highest-paid actor for years, Ranveer Singh reportedly earned Rs 223 crore during his acting career so far. He has been featured in the top 100 celebrities of Forbes Indian since 2012.

An interesting thing about Rambo is that his actress wife, Deepika Pakudone is also included in the list of richest Indian actress in 2021.

Above is the list of 10 richest Indian actor in 2021 you might be interested in. Do not forget to visit our website Gurugamer.com for more interesting news about games and entertainment.

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