Although Netflix is a streaming platform that is generally quite opaque with data about the content it features, there are some formulas to know if a movie is the most successful or something like 365 Days on Netflix is generating the most controversy.

365 days on netflix

For example, when they released Extraction starring Chris Hemsworth, it immediately became number one in all countries, so we can infer that the movie's figures would be spectacular, something that would be confirmed later.

And when there is a movie like Cuties or 365 Days on Netflix about which many articles are written and they become trends in social networks, we know that they have generated a deal of great controversy. Although the French film Cuties, which is about a young girl who wants to form a dance group has given a lot to talk about, it is nothing compared to 365 Days on Netflix.

365 Days is already being compared to 50 Shades of Gray and is even helping people get into BDSM as a beginners' guide. We know that Netflix has millions of subscribers around the world, therefore any movie that passes through its platform generates a disruptive level of attention. But none has reached the levels of this movie.

Can You Watch 365 Days on Netflix? What is 365 Days on Netflix About? 

365 Days is a Polish movie directed by Barbara Białowąs and based on the novel by Blanka Lipińska. The story stars Laura Biel played by Anna Maria Sieklucka, an executive who becomes the obsession of a young mafia boss named Massimo Torricelli played by Michele Morrone.

After suffering an attack, Massimo decides to kidnap Laura and tells her that she has 365 days to fall in love with him. She is not interested at first, but little by little she falls in love and ends up experiencing Stockholm Syndrome. In between, there are a lot of pretty explicit s.e.x scenes that make people believe are real.

The movie was released in theaters in Poland which became a great success and later 365 Days on Netflix was made available for the rest of the world and became a phenomenon, although not without its great deal of controversy.

Based on an erotic novel and containing high doses of s.e.xual scenes, more than one 365 days Netflix movie review have compared it to 50 Shades of Gray. In addition, it must be remembered that the novel is the first part of a trilogy. So after the great success on Netflix, it is very likely that there will be sequels to complete the trilogy.

Here is What The Sequel to 365 Days Would Contain

The second novel is titled Ten dzień and translates into English as This Day. The start of the sequel reveals that Laura is fine and alive. The first installment ends with a 'cliffhanger' in which the fate of the protagonist remains in the air and everything pointed to someone having ended their life.

Fortunately, none of that happens and Massimo and Laura manage to continue with their plans. They marry and she continues with her pregnancy, but the new luxurious life of Sieklucka's character will not be rosy: she is once again the victim of a kidnapping.

Her abductor, this time, is the leader of Massimo's rival gang: Marcel “Nacho” Matos. The objective of this kidnapping is to damage the character of Morrone. But everything gets complicated when Laura begins to develop feelings for her abductor. Massimo, for his part, tries to get his wife back. Meanwhile, Olga (Magdalena Lamparska), Laura's best friend, and Domenico (Otar Saralidze), one of Massimo's men, start a love affair.

365 Days Sequel New Characters: Massimo's Twin and a New Mafia Boss

The sequel introduces two new characters. First, it is revealed that Massimo has a twin brother. His name is Adriano and, unlike the protagonist, he studied in Great Britain and that is where his residence is located. Also, it seems that he has distanced himself from the family business.

The other key character is Marcel “Nacho” Matos, the mafia leader of Massimo's rival gang who kidnaps Laura. Therefore, the sequel will have to sign a new actor to play Nacho. As for Adriano, being Massimo's twin brother, Morrone may be in charge of bringing this character to life.

Sequel to 365 Days on Netflix to Contain More S.e.x Scenes

If 365 Days on Netflix has attracted a lot of attention for something, it has been for its s.e.x scenes. Lipińska's book is quite explicit when it comes to the s.e.xual relationships between its characters and its sequel follows in the same vein. Therefore, these sensual moments will be recurring in the second installment.

What About a Third Movie?

As we've already explained, Lipińska wrote a trilogy. Therefore, if the sequel maintains the level of success that 365 Days had, it is likely that we will see the final outcome of Laura and Massimo's story. A warning: everything turns very dark towards the end and some fans were angry with the finishing touch that Lipińska wrote.

The third book, titled Kolenje 365 DNI, begins with the aftermath of Laura's rescue from her captor Nacho. The protagonist Laura is seriously injured and the doctors tell Massimo that he must decide whether to save his wife or the child they are expecting. The mafia leader decides that Laura is the one who remains alive.

Besides all this, Laura needs a heart transplant and it is Nacho who gets her the organ. These two events mark the protagonist, who becomes an alcoholic when she cannot overcome the loss of her son. To try to help her, Massimo buys her a dog that he names Padra, but he kills it later and sends his corpse to Laura in a box.

Massimo, who has become a drug addict, decides to kidnap Laura again after she abandons him for Nacho and tries to get her to get pregnant by him again. In the end, the protagonist runs off with Nacho and becomes pregnant by the latter.

When is 365 Days 2 Coming Out on Netflix?

The second movie to If 365 Days on Netflix still does not have a release date. The filming of the sequel was scheduled to start this August in Sicily, but as Sieklucka, Morrone, and Lamparska have indicated directly via Instagram, it had to be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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