Curiously, a series about zombie apocalypse like The Walking Dead knows how to stop the effects of the global pandemic caused by the new coronavirus. Angela Kang, showrunner of The Walking Dead says AMC is taking "an abundance of caution in every way" for safe filming of the six new episodes for Season 10.

How Zombies Are Beating The Coronavirus: Filming 'The Walking Dead' Season 6 Will Be As Safe As Possible

In March, The Walking Dead stopped filming, but seven months later the zombie series is making a return. Armed with a team of epidemiologists, an infectious disease specialist who became a health and safety supervisor on set, and with scripts produced with social distancing in mind, the cast and crew of the series have returned to work with the utmost guarantee.

"It basically was a months-long process for the production and for AMC to kind of get everything all up and running and safe." Angela Kang said during a TWD panel at the virtual New York Comic Con, adding that various unions met in consultation with expert epidemiologists to proceed with caution. "So, when everybody comes back to set to film, it’s going to be like a completely different situation.."

How Zombies Are Beating The Coronavirus: Filming 'The Walking Dead' Season 6 Will Be As Safe As Possible

In addition to the PCR tests three times a week, the health protection protocols make everything very safe. They will also shoot everything outdoors.

“You know, it’s like everybody will have masks and face shields, and you know, they’ve done the trailers differently. There’re sanitation stations everywhere. There’s, like UV lights and air scrubbers and things on the stages, ”Angela Kang said. “There’s a, you know, former military infectious diseases specialist who’s our health and safety supervisor. So, it’s, like, you know an abundance of caution in every way."

The coronavirus has also affected the way the writers of The Walking Dead: “And then, in the way that we’ve been doing our creative, we’ve had to think a lot about, like, you know, how do we tell the story, so they’re satisfying and dive into character and, you know, give a little bit of adventure. But being really creative about, you know, how many people we can have in a scene. You know, how can you show things while keeping people a little bit distant whenever we can."

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