If there are two characters that must be in the same movie, then they must be Deadpool and Spider-Man. People have been pushing actor Ryan Reynolds to make that happen. After 2 movies under the FOX banner, he will be the only mutant to continue his story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It has already been reported that Marvel Studios gave a super contract to Ryan Reynolds that would make him the highest-paid actor, the result of which would be seeing him play Wade Wilson/Deadpool in several Disney+ movies and series.

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But the actor has been setting certain conditions before signing. One of them is to share the screen with Tom Holland and so Deadpool and Spider-Man can be together in the same movie. Can we have two fast-talking, red-wearing, and witty characters in the same movie?

Spider-Man and Deadpool Will Be a Match Made in Marvel Heaven

If all the predictions of this new information come true, Deadpool and Spider-Man will almost certainly have a very different relationship than the one Peter Parker had with Iron Man/Tony Stark or the one we will see soon with Doctor Strange. After all, those two act as mentors to Spidey to make him a better hero.

Marvel Could Be Making A Movie Starring A Spider-Man/Deadpool Duo!

On the other hand, if the sources on Deadpool and Spider-Man together are verified, they will probably be more like Star-Lord and Rocket. It is likely they will argue a lot and even face off each other to see who is the best hero among them. But in the most difficult moments, they will not hesitate to work together and defeat whatever adversary is put in front of them.

Marvel Could Be Making A Movie Starring A Spider-Man/Deadpool Duo!

Spider-Man 3 (2021), which will be featuring the presence of Doctor Strange and Electro, does not seem to be the Marvel movie where we will see Deadpool. Instead, their first meeting would be in the movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022). It has since been confirmed that Tom Holland will have a cameo in the movie as Peter Parker.

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