Being known as the daughter of the richest man of Asia Mukesh Ambani, Isha Ambani, however, has everyone's attention for being more than just a billionaire heiress. In fact, the only daughter of the richest Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani keeps making headlines for many reasons including her lavish lifestyle, fancy sense of fashion, friendships with Bollywood and Hollywood A-lister and especially her intelligence.

This article will walk you through everything you need to know about Isha Ambani and how the young heiress created her own legacy.

Isha Ambani 1
Isha Ambani turns heads for not only being a billionaire heiress but also a smart girl with stunning appearance and a great sense of fashion

Isha Ambani wiki (biography)

Being born in 1991, Isha Mukesh Ambani (also known as Isha Ambani) is the only daughter in a business family with her father Mukesh Ambani is the richest man of Asia and top 10 richest people in the world. Her father is the most influential man of India who is the largest shareholder of valuable Reliance Industries.

Isha Ambani family 2
Isha Ambani and her family

Isha Ambani's mother is Nita Ambani and she has a twin brother Akash Ambani and her older brother is Anant Ambani. Both of them also work in the business field.

Isha Ambani education

Living on a vast fortune doesn’t mean Ambani can stop putting in the effort. In fact, she is a well-educated heiress who went to the best universities in the world like Yale or Stanford.

Isha Ambani Graduate 3
She is not only a well-educated girl but an Ivy-league student

After finishing her bachelor's degree in psychology and South Asian studies in Yale university in 2014, she continued studying the MBA in Stanford Business School. At the time studying at Yale, she raised the idea of Jio to her father and made it one of the most successful 4G networks in India.

Isha Ambani net worth

Isha Ambani age is only 29 but the amount of money and estate she got in her hands is just unimaginable. While Isha Ambani net worth is yet to be estimated at the moment, her father Mukesh Ambani net worth is USD 6,440 crores. Isha Ambani was also listed as the second richest billionaire heiresses on the world according to Forbes. The list of her cars goes with luxury brands like Range Rover, Mercedes Benz or Porsche.

Isha Ambani life style
Isha Ambani looks classy on the cover of Vouge

Isha Ambani wedding

In 2018, Isha Ambani tied the knot with another businessman Anand Piramal who is also a billionaire industrialist. He is also the heir of another influential cooperation Piramal Group. Isha Ambani's husband Anand Piramal's net worth is estimated to be around $4.60 B.

Just like his wife, Anand is also a well-educated billionaire heir who went to Havard Business School and the University of Pennsylvania.

Isha Ambani Husband 4
Her husband Anand Piramal is also a billionaire whose family owns the Piramal Group

In fact, Isha Ambani's wedding turned out to be one of the most lavish weddings ever which was way extravagant than any other wedding of superstars or billionaires in the world.

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Isha Ambani wedding 5
Isha Ambani in her lavish wedding

The wedding was attended by high profile people like the American politician Hilary Clinton, Hollywood A-lister Beyonce and Nick Jonas who gave off private performances for the wedding celebration. Meanwhile, the wedding was estimated to cost $15M and was held in the Amabanis mansion, one of the most luxurious mansions in the world.

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Check out the special wedding card from Isha Ambani wedding:

Isha Ambani house

Isha Ambani House 6
Isha Ambani lavish mansion is said to worth the whopping Rs 450 crore

Her asset net worth is more than you can every imagine of. Apart from the lavish wedding, Ashia Ambani also made headlines for receiving a 50,000 sq ft mansion as a wedding gift from her husband's family. Their estate was filled with extravagant interiors like diamond chandeliers and a giant car park which can fit up to 20 cars.

Isha Ambani and friendship in Bollywood

Isha Ambani has a great relationship with many Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities like Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra. In fact, the pair showed up at her wedding in 2018. On the other hand, Ambani was Priyanka's bridesmaid at the wedding between the Bollywood leading star and American pop singer.

Isha Ambani priyanka chopra 8
Ambani danced along with her BFF Priyanka Chopra in her wedding party

However, the billionaire heiress shares a special camaraderie with Kabir Singh actress Kiara Advani. Being young, beautiful, rich and famous, you can spot out many things in common between them but the connection between Isha Ambani and Kiara Advani is not only about Richie-rich couples. The pair had been friends with each other for decades and went through ups and downs. In fact, they are childhood friends who have known each other since being kids.

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Isha Ambani kiara advani 9
She is also the lifelong friend with Bollywood leading star Kiara Advani

Kiara Adani earlier spilled the beans on how it was being friends with one of the richest heiresses in the world, saying Isha’s wealth neither affected their friendship nor her career. She also added that being a billionaire doesn’t mean Ambani’s life is easy.

Isha Ambani is a great example of "beauty with a brain", an extraordinary Indian girl who is rich, gorgeous, and well-educated. Apart from the news about Isha Ambani - youngest billionaire heiress, if you are looking for more news, updates, guides, lists, etc. on gaming and entertainment like this article, visit our website at for more of what you need.