After much of speculation and expectation, yesterday, the biggest VOD platform Netflix has made it official on the trailer of its upcoming erotic thriller Dark Desire and fans cannot kelp calm on it. In fact, the Mexico erotic drama which is also known as "Oscuro deseo" came with a warning which reads: “leave you guessing… and sweating”.

Check out the sizzling trailer of Dark Desire right below:

The series which includes multi episodes revolves around the dark love life between Alma Solares, a female prestigious college professor, and a mysterious young lad. After getting divorced with her ex-husband, she ran into 23-year-old Dario Guerra and was sexually obsessed with him.

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Dark Desire
Dark Desire is too raunchy and lusty that you should never watch this series with your parents

However, it was not just a wild fling or minor adventure. Their relationship revolves complicated and turns her life into a living hell. It is not a casual fling or a simple relationship at Alma believed at first. Behind the wildest passion is a dangerous obsession, the relationship also unveiled a series of dark secrets about a murder which binds them together in a mysterious way.

After hitting the cyberspace, the series has taken Netflix fans by storm for its bold and steamy scenes as well as the thrilling plot. Dark Desire has become the hottest keywords on the internet today and you can now what the whole series on movies streaming platform Netflix.

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Dark Desire Siosi
Apart from being an erotic series, Dark Desire is also a thriller which unfolds the secret about a mystery murder

The Netflix erotic thriller features Alejandro Speitzer and Maite Perroni in the leading roles. While Alejandro Speitzer is a young rising Mexican actor, Maite Perroni turns heads as the much desirable actress and singer on the Latin American country. Check out more details about in the following article: All You Need To Know About Dark Desire Actress Maite Perroni - Check Out The Most Sultry Pics Of Her

You don’t have to wait for long as the series has been available on Netflix early today. If you’re looking more interesting series and shows on Netflix and other platforms, check out the top list of Best TV Shows 2020 on