When it comes to best TV shows 2020, there are several candidates coming from different video streaming platforms and TV channels which struck a chord among movie-goers. However, if you don't have time to what all of the latest movies and shows on TV, here are the list of Best TV Shows 2020 you cannot miss. Check them out!

Best TV Shows 2020 Never Have I Ever
A still from Netflix movie Never Have I Ever

1. Never Have I Ever (Netflix)

This new coming-of-age drama series follows the complexity revolving around the daily life of a first-generation Indian American teen girl named Devi Vishwakumar. More than just showcasing the school life of a teenager, Never Have I Ever is a perfect blend of love, family, and school memories in Devi’s life.

Mindy Kaling has really impressed audiences when directing a culturally ground-breaking series that represents Indian-Amerian teenagers in a surprisingly authentic and completely unadulterated way.

Better Things Best TV Shows 2020
Better Things is one of the best TV shows 2020 available on Disney+ Hostar

2. Better Things

Throughout its four seasons, Better Things proves that it just keeps getting better as its characters and storyline develop. From the beginning of 2016 to now, Better Thing has always been recognized as one of the finest comedies series ever on TV.

Directed, written by Pamela Adlon, Better Thing provides a forthright view on the life of a single mom, who is a jobbing actor living with her 3 daughters in Los Angeles. One of the cornerstones that contribute to the success of the series is its brilliance without flashiness that resonates with stories in real life.

Better Things and its approach to real-life burdens have succeeded in capturing the essence of vital topics from aging to mortality. With all these selective elements, the loosely autobiographical story of Sam has dovetailed the emotional arcs that spark interest in audiences.

Dirty John Best TV shows 2020
Another Netflix series to join the list of Best TV Shows 2020

3. Dirty John (Netflix)

Rooted in fact, Dirty John is a gripping true-crime anthology series that explores the theme of romantic relationships that went wrong. In each season, audiences follow a love story from its optimistic start to a disastrous end, making us wonder if it is feasible to really get to know someone.

Dirty John is probably the most visible manifestation of how people’s pasts, traumas, beliefs, and desires drive them into behaving in the strangest manners. By reframing the narratives of famous cases with a vivid presenting of nuances, Dirty John reminds viewers that there is always another side of the coin.

Accordingly, it takes effort to look into people’s souls to find the devil in detail.

Best TV shows 2020 The Plot Against America
Grab The Plot Against America if you're interested in Politics

4. The Plot Against America (HBO)

Based on Philip Roth’s novel with the same name, The Plot Against America is a cinematic adaptation that David Simon and Ed Burns produced. The drama miniseries which is said to be one of Best TV Shows 2020 told an alternative American history during the Second World War through the narration of a blue-collar Jewish family who has gone through the rise of Charles Lindbergh.

The Plot Against America follows the path of each character by exploring their motivations, responsibilities even at the most trivial level. As its characters develop, the miniseries illustrates that politics is individual and it can also have a huge impact on people’s relationship and their futures.

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Best TV shows 2020 May I Destroy You
May I Destroy You revolves around a girl who tries to discover the truth about herself

5. May I destroy you (HBO)

May Destroy You is a comedy-drama TV series that follows the story of a girl named Arabella, who struggles to recollect her memories about a night out with friends. She soon fingers out the ugly truth that she was. Once again, with her latest hard-hitting drama series, the talented Michaela Coel proves that she is capable of doing everything.

By covering heavy topics like sexual assault, May I Destroy is truly a complex depth that encapsulates so much in just less than 30-minute episodes. It’s undeniable that Michaela Coel has done a great job with storytelling when initiating a conversation about sexual violence. More than just a series about a pressing issue, May I destroy you is a phenomenal cinematic work that profoundly depicts the whole aftermath of sexual assault.

Better Call Saul Season 5 best tv shows 2020
Better Call Saul Season 5 has been made available on Netflix

6. Better Call Saul (Netflix)

Breaking Bad’s spin-off has come closer to an end as its final season is coming up next year. Despite the prejudice that TV show’s spin-offs often tend to fare sparsely to the original content, Better Call Saul is one of the best tv shows on Netflix 2020 that manages to become a standalone series that could even compare to its predecessor.

Vince Gilligan continues to repeat his success with his unique cinematography, writing, and movie direction. Following the evolution of Jimmy McGill from an ex-con artist to a small-time attorney, Better Call Saul takes audiences to a series of trials and tragedies.

Apart from the brilliant directing and dedicated acting, the series artfully depicts the inner world of each character through a complex character study. And although it’s a dark and brutal show, there is still a comic relief that creates plenty of laughs throughout.

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Bojack Horseman Best tv shows 2020
BoJack Horseman mentions all of the most sizzling issues in the society

7. BoJack Horseman (Netflix)

Although months have passed since the end of the series earlier this year, people still praise its last eight episodes as some of the best things that have ever happened to TV series this year. Progressing through 6 seasons, Bojack Horseman has tackled multiple heavy issues from alcoholism, depression to miscarriage in its magical human-animal world.

By exploring its characters’ interiority, the series manages to resonate with people’s real-life struggles. In the end, it’s hard to deny the fact that although Bojack Horseman is about the depressing life of a failed legendary sitcom star, it’s entertaining to watch.

Being an animated show spinning around adult themes, the series is unique in every aspect. Bojack Horseman is famous for its creative settings and underlying dark humor that deliver plenty of subliminal messages that viewers would fancy to discover.

Shangela Drag
We’re Here convey meaningful message via the life story of 3 drag queens

8. We’re Here (HBO)

Aired on HBO with 6 unscripted episodes, We’re Here offers a wholesome package of emotions that is so well put together. Making the most of reality TV shows and integrating it with a clever, innovative approach, We’re Here has successfully delivered a meaningful message saturated in a defiant blend of joy and tear.

While the majority of audiences are quite familiar with the raunchy and energy-rich image of Drag, the show unfolds a completely different aspect that is so compelling to follow. On the journey with 3 drag queens who traveled to rural areas to nurture queer leaders, audiences will be amazed at how transformative and performative the art of drag truly is.

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Bad Education features the Wolverine star Hugh Jackman in the lead role

9. Bad Education (HBO)

As an adaptation from Robert Kolker’s Article on the New York Magazine, HBO tells a fact-rooted white-collar crime story. Based on the most infamous public school embezzlement scandal in American history, the dark comedy-drama film depicts how a school superintendent and his fellow fraudsters have exploited the education systems for their personal interest for years.

Starting with a mild allure, the film gradually piles up into a mouth-agape depiction of failing corruption. In the leading role, Huge Jackman manages to deliver a sensational portrayal of Frank Tassone. In addition to the gripping acting, Bad Education is also fostered by skillful writing and dedicated direction. All these elements have conjured up to a dexterous cinematic journey that has a lot to offer in less than 2 hours.

Visible Out On Television
Visible Out On Television deserves to be one of the best Tv Shows 2020 which is dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community

10. Visible: Out On Television (Apple TV+)

From a television standpoint, this talking head documentary looks into the history of the LGBTQ+ movement through a series of precious archival footage and conversations. Through the course of five episodes, the miniseries thoroughly examined the influential role of television that helps shape the whole American conscience, especially in the LGBTQ+ community.

Widely acclaimed as a strikingly remarkable docu-series, Visible: Out On Television pays a great deal of attention to the detail within a broader context that features queer voices and expert witnesses. More than just an informative series, it is a reminder of the onward spirits that help people overcome all the social obstacles on their way.

Above are 10 of the best TV shows 2020 you can find in the first half of 2020. Stay tuned with Gurugamer.com to keep updated on more interesting upcoming TV shows and series.

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