Over a year ago, Netflix surprised with a teenage series that was not a soap opera with intimacy everywhere, good-looking young actors showing their bodies and gruesome plots with a lot of murder intrigues. Sex Education movie Netflix is a lighthearted comedy with a youthful content that deals with topics about sexuality among young people.

Jamie Campbell the co-founder of the production company in charge of making the series made the following Netflix Sex Education summary:

“It's an antidote to shows that present the teenage experience of sex as superhumanly confident and experimental. Our characters have an endless supply of sexual problems that need to be solved. Otis has the expertise to provide the answers, but has problems of his own, starting with the fact that he's never had sex himself.”

Sex Education Netflix series movie theme revolves around a teenage boy named Otis Thomson, played by Asa Butterfield, (star protagonist of Hugo in 2011), who is an only child of 16 years of age. He is a socially awkward virgin boy, who lives with his mother Jean, played by Gillian Anderson (X Files), a sex therapist.

His private life is accompanied by open conversations about sex, videos, and guides that make him become an expert in this field. One day he wants to establish a secret sex therapy center at his school to help his classmates with all their problems.

Otis teams up with a bad but very smart girl named Maeve, and with her help establishes his clandestine sex clinic, to answer all the questions of his colleagues.

But when Otis falls in love with Maeve, the only thing that gets in his way is Maeve's boyfriend Jackson, who is a popular student at school. Through it all, Otis's friend Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) is there to offer him moral support.

The last actor to join the cast is James Purefoy, star of the Rome HBO series, who plays Remi, Jean's ex-husband, and the father of their son Otis. His role does not go unnoticed, but he is only a recurring character since he only appears in some chapters.

What Makes Sex Education Movie Netflix Stand Out?

Sex Education is very relatable, precisely because its characters are like a lot of us. The characters are not the most handsome of the class, nor the most "cool", but losers in full realization of their hormones.

sex education movie netflix

And the show treats it with grace, with intelligence, without portraying adolescents as idiots and that all they want is erotic material for their raging hormones. Ironically, Sex Education movie Netflix is Netflix's least "revealing" series, even though sex is the central theme and talked about a lot. The topic was not approached from a lecherous point of view.

The series feels more like a sex education class for young people than the exploitation of sex, as it plays its cards well and makes smart references constantly. In the end, it is a series that speaks openly about sex from an intelligent and unprejudiced vision.

There is talk of sexually transmitted diseases, complexes, doubts, bisexuality, toxic masculinity. The delivery is always with great grace and with a sense of humor (sometimes a bit rough, but always with an innocuous point).

From the first season to Sex Education Season 2 full movie Netflix, many have been hooked on the show's content and are looking forward to the third part with more information.

Does Sex Education Movie Netflix Educate About Sex?

But what have the fans of this Sex Education movie Netflix series learned? These are some lessons that Sex Education leaves us:

Students can also teach, or at least give good advice. There are teachers and doctors who give talks on sex education in schools with high-quality education in countries such as Sweden, Norway, Finland, or the Netherlands. In those places, there are also course leaders who are prepared to speak to their classmates in case they do not want to communicate with an adult.

sex education movie netflix

Masturbation is not something that comes naturally to everyone. There are those who find it difficult to overcome trauma or family stories to have the courage to explore their own body, especially when you are someone who likes to stay in control and behaves neurotically like Otis, the main character in the series.

There is always a way to fix certain issues. Otis advises her friend, Amy Gibbs, regarding her problem of reaching orgasm, to perform a technique that helps her pleasure by herself, a piece of advice that has a happy ending.

One's own problem can be everyone's problem. Having friendships can be the easiest way to stop many cases of abuse and ridicule on the internet or social networks, a difficult situation to avoid but can be handled with friends. They can help stop the spread of bullying content and support the bullied.

Learning to accept that someone else doesn't like us is essential. Being insistent with demonstrations of affection towards another person, when these are not well received, is something that should be definitely avoided. Otis tells a friend that there are millions of people out there and one will be with that friend.

sex education movie netflix

The aftermath of sexual abuse may be more profound than we think. When a man ejaculates on Amy's favorite pants on a bus, her first reaction is that of annoyance because he ruined her clothing. However, what really happens to her is that she begins to be traumatized, and getting over the issue would take some time.

Sex Education movie Netflix shows that there are many questions among young people regarding sexuality and that there are ways to reach them with adequate and timely information, without treating this topic as a taboo.

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