Imagine that in addition to being able to choose your destination and travel freely, that you could choose the moment in time you want to be. Since a time machine has not been invented, or at least it is not yet within our reach, we recommend these 10 best time travel movies on Netflix:

10 Best Time Travel Movies On Netflix (1/5)

The Time Machine (2002)

Suppose one day you go out on the street, and criminals murder the love of your life. This happens to the scientist Alexander Hartdegen, who in his desire to bring back his beloved, builds a time machine with which he discovers that we all have our predestinations and that altering the flow of time can have terrible consequences.

Synchronicity (2015)

When physicist Jim Beale invents a machine that can bend spacetime, a rare Dahlia appears from the future. Now he needs to find the identical flower match in the present to show that his machine works. Jim discovers that the dahlia is in the hands of a mysterious woman who seduces him into revealing his secrets.

Convinced that she wants to steal his invention, Jim travels back in time to stop the betrayal before it happens. But once in the past, Jim discovers a surprising truth about the machine, the young woman, and her own reality.

10 Best Time Travel Movies On Netflix (2/5)

Paradox (2016)

A scientist who is part of a team that investigates time travel manages to get an hour ahead. After the first test, they send one of the members of the group an hour ahead of time. When he returns, he begs them to turn off the time machine they built, since in one hour they will all be dead.

The plot is based on finding out what or who killed everyone in 60 minutes and what were the reasons for these deaths.

Rewind (2013)

The story is set in the future, where a group of scientists and military must avoid a terrorist attack that has already occurred. To do this, they create a technology never seen before that allows them to travel to the past to avoid the attack and save all the victims. However, they must be careful because a small detail can change the future in an unimaginable way.

10 Best Time Travel Movies On Netflix (3/5)

Parallels (2015)

The movie tells the story of a small group of people traveling through parallel lands. Ronan and Beatrix Carver's father disappears, leaving a mysterious message that leads them to an abandoned building, where they find unexplained clues and an entrance to other dimensions.

The young people are transported through the building to alternate versions of Earth, where historical events followed different paths, sometimes with positive and sometimes catastrophic effects.

Stargate (1994)

The film is set in a future world where the action of the characters can define the direction of the earth. A colonel and a scientist, moved by different interests, investigate a mysterious find in Egypt in some excavations. There they find a strange artifact which they call the Stargate.

Accompanied by a reconnaissance team, they walk through the gate and are transported millions of light-years away. There they will discover that ancient Egypt was the result of colonization by an extraterrestrial race.

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10 Best Time Travel Movies On Netflix (4/5)

Timeline (2003)

A group of students, supervised by Professor Edward Johnston, works on the excavation of the remains of a medieval castle in France. The group discovers an underground corridor that seems to validate the professor's theory that the English sold the castle to the French, precisely because of the existence of this corridor that seems to open a tunnel in time.

Predestination (2014)

A case of hermaphroditism plus a story that seems to repeat itself over and over again, these are the themes upon which the Australian film is based. In this case, travel is used to prevent terrorist and criminal attacks, but in the course of carrying out his work, one of the agents encounters a strange occurrence that changes his own predestination.

10 Best Time Travel Movies On Netflix (5/5)

Looper (2012)

It is the year 2074 and time travel is invented, but although they are strictly prohibited, they are used by criminal organizations to assassinate those who represent a danger in the future. Loopers (the name by which the assassins are known) face an irrefutable reality: not all the money in the world can save them from making irreparable mistakes.

Looper is one of the best time travel movies in Netflix you can watch on this list.

John Carter (2012)

John Carter was an army officer in the American Civil War. Upon entering a cave he is accidentally transported to Barsoom (Mars) in another era. Carter discovers that his strength and ability to jump have been multiplied by the reduced gravity of the planet.

There he begins a journey to rediscover his humanity and, at the same time, save that new world. Edgar Rice Burroughs is Carter's 18-year-old nephew and receives an urgent telegram from his uncle with instructions to find the manuscript where he tells his story from another time and space.

You can check out the video above which explains one of the best time travel movies in Hindi.

Best time travel movies on Netflix

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