It can be undeniable that the Bollywood industry has rocked the global audience due to a vast library of unique movies; however, history movies in Hindi dubbed also win the hearts of countless Indians. They include The Last Of The Mohicans, Gladiator, 300, and more.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the following list of historical movies in Hindi dubbed with! Tell us which movie suits you the most!

History Movies In Hindi Dubbed (1/2)


Released in 2000, Gladiator didn’t raise the temperature at the box office but it also arose the audience’s passion for historical movies. Such success came from the perfect image of brave commander Maximus starred by Russell Crowe.

In Gladiator, Maximus Decimus is known as a talented Roman general who Emperor Marcus Aurelius chooses to succeed him, instead of Prince Commodus. When realizing his father’s plan, Commodus kills him to seize the throne. One of Commodus’s first orders as a new Emperor is to kill Maximus to protect himself. Maximus luckily escapes and survives but his wife and son don’t get the same luck. He has to do everything to get closer and revenge on the man who ruins his life.

Russell Crowe Gladiator
Russell Crowe in Gladiator.


The next movie on the list of Hollywood historical movies in Hindi dubbed full action HD is a 1995 movie - Braveheart. Directed by Mel Gibson, this epic movie recreates Medieval England and a unique battle in Scotland.

The story starts in the Ellerslie town where William Wallace lives with his father and brother. As a noble family, they can’t escape from the political battle amongst those in power being controlled by the King of England. After lots of losses, William Wallace then rallies insurgents for the freedom of Scotland.

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Exodus Gods And King

Speaking of the best historical movies in Hindi dubbed, Exodus Gods And King deserves a spot. This epic biblical movie gets inspired by a fight between Jewish people and the powerful Egyptian empire. The main character in Exodus Gods And King is Moses - a great hero in the history of Israelites. As a survivor after the Pharaoh’s great massacre, he becomes the leader of Jewish slavers to escape from the cruel yoke of the Egyptian empire.

history movies in Hindi dubbed

History Movies In Hindi Dubbed (2/2)


Released in 2006, 300 is based on Frank Miller’s comic book under the same name and revolves around a legendary battle of 300 Spartans led by King Leonidas against over 1 million Persian soldiers.

Right after hitting wide screens, this movie received lots of mixed reviews from both the audience and the critics. However, we can’t deny that the bloody battles, the participation of hundreds of actors, and eye-catching melees manage to make us unable to take our eyes off the screen. Additionally, love for home and family must be a spotlight for this movie. If you are a big fan of historical war movies in Hindi dubbed, you should watch 300 at least once in your life.


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Kingdom Of Heaven

Orlando Bloom seems to be a familiar face with Hollywood history movies in Hindi dubbed. After Troy (2004), he continued to play the lead role in director Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven. This movie revolves around incidents that take place before the Third Holy War of Christianity and Knight Balian’s magical defense of Jerusalem against a predominantly outnumbered force led by the sultan Saladin.

Topics about religion always draw huge attention from the audience and epic movies about jihad hint lots of mysteries. The bloody battle between Christianity and Islam lasted hundreds of years during history. Additionally, the story of love, loyalty, and trust also gains a big interest from the global audience.

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The Last Of The Mohicans

As one of the English historical movies in Hindi dubbed, The Last Of The Mohicans gets inspired by a novel written by James Fenimore Cooper, Jr.. Before director Michael Mann paid attention to this novel, The Last Of The Mohicans may be as normal as many other novels. In fact, Mann used to confirm that his inspiration came from the 1936 script of Philip Dune, instead of James Fenimore Cooper’s novel.

However, the over-170YO novel isn’t just a fast and violent adventure but it is also recognized as a romantic love story. On wide screens, The Last Of The Mohicans even becomes much sweeter and smoother. It may be due to the powerful performances of Day-Lewis and beautiful actress Madeleine Stowe.

If you are looking for history movies in Hindi dubbed, this list must be a good option for you. There are lots of other movies during cinematic history but these movies must be amongst the best choices. Hope that you will have a happy moment with them!

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