Speaking of hackers, we all first think of ransomware, stealing private data, gaming accounts, or bank accounts. Victims may range from individuals to organizations and businesses.

However, it’s not easy for hackers to steal your user data if you know how to protect your own information. Here are some suggestions that can help the netizens proactively prevent unexpected visits from network criminals.

Auto-Update Device Protection Software

Minerva’s VP of Products Lenny Zeltser said that the simplest way to prevent hackers is to set up the auto-update mode for your computer and smartphones and install security software. Hackers can penetrate your system via security vulnerabilities and software errors that allow them to install malware when you check e-mails or interact with a harmless website.


Use Two-Layer Security

The most proactive method to prevent attacks from hackers is using two-factor verification. This process includes using your own password and one more step, for example, PIN code that is sent via a message on your device to determine whether you are the true account user or not.

Two Factor Authentication

Be Careful With Strange Or Uncommon Emails

Although it is as old as the Earth to use emails attached to malware, many hackers still like to apply this method. Users just need to click the links or download the files, and hackers can access their private data. And then, these network criminals can install malware or even, gain control over the system.

Woman Email

Take Notice Of Uncommon Signs On Your System

While many apps and services have been moved to the cloud computing method in a bid to enhance speed and versatility, security issues aren’t unsolved yet. Instead of simply checking and registering into a system, the network security team should look for help from machine learning to discover and keep track of abnormalities faster.

Avoid Connecting With Unsafe Devices

This method is often mentioned whenever talking about hackers’ strategies because they can upload malware into a USB and leave it near where they plan to attack. Office staff can take and plug it into their computers at the office due to their huge curiosity.


Choose A Password Powerful Enough But Easy To Remember

Many users and organizations have now depended on passwords which may be their only security method. Therefore, you should be more responsible for your password. Some kinds of current accounts require users to set up a password powerful enough. Thus, you should learn to create a powerful but easy-to-remember password.

Believe But Verification Is Necessary

It is necessary to check emails and media accounts carefully because hackers now tend to create “reasonable” requirements. Don’t provide your account information without any caution, even for reliable websites as banks or insurance companies.

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