A group of white hat hackers who specialize in analyzing and giving network security warnings to Internet users across the world has revealed the list of 11 most popular passwords of all time. According to the list, “123456” is now the most-used password.

Passwords Avoided
"1234456" is now the most popular password. Maybe it is easy to remember.

The research group conducted a survey with nearly 20 lakh stolen accounts via a form of spyware called keyloggers.

Take a quick look at the list of 11 most popular passwords:

1. 123456

2. 123456789

3. 1234

4. password

5. 12345

6. 12345678

7. admin


9. 1

10. 1234567

11. 111111

Passwords Vs Hackers
The netizens should pay more attention when wandering on the Internet.

Apart from these passwords, many also love choosing some sequences such as qwerty, 123123, iloveyou, letmein, and more.

The hacker group advises users to be more careful when surfing the Internet. We all should start to learn how to protect ourselves by creating enough powerful passwords. Next, we should often clean up our computers by reputable antivirus software to get rid of all ransomware and spyware (if any).

In addition, it is a good choice to apply the two-factor verification of online services such as Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and more. When the two-layer security is activated, hackers will face lots of difficulties to access illegally to your accounts even when they have passwords. This method will automatically send a random snippet to your smartphone as a verification whenever you sign in your apps.

There are many simple but helpful ways to protect your devices from hackers.

You should also learn how to proactively prevent hackers from attacking your devices via these 7 suggestions:

1. Auto-update device protection software

2. Use two-layer security

3. Be careful with strange or uncommon emails.

4. Take notice of uncommon signs on your system

5. Avoid connecting with unsafe devices

6. Create a password powerful enough but easy to remember.

7. Believe but verification is necessary.

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