Free Fire has reached a new height of popularity especially after the ban of PUBG Mobile on Indian servers. It can be said that a massive number of streamers have shifted to the Battle Royale game for their online releases. And besides streamers, hackers also chose Free Fire as their new target and made use of tricks to become champions in the game.

Who is the biggest hacker in Free Fire has been on trend these days and we are here to shed a light on you about the same.

Free Fire Biggest Hacker
Who is the biggest hacker in Free Fire in the world? Find out below.

Who is the biggest hacker in Free Fire?

For the time being, numerous hackers have been taking attempts to dominate Free Fire Battle Royale with their tricks. While many are currently using mods in the game, some players have carved a niche for themselves with million-viewed videos on the biggest streaming platforms.

Well here, there is not just one biggest hacker in Free Fire, but apparently two of them, Internet-approved.


Who is the best hacker in Free Fire? As you search for this question on social media, multiple names might pop up, making it a tedious task to know who is actually the best one yet.
However, many claims have made it to the top with transparent proof. Biraj, a 12-year-old boy from Nepal is said to be the biggest hacker in Free Fire in the world.

Biraj, who is the biggest hacker in Free Fire, is only 12 years old.

A video has resurfaced and been passed on the Internet. It trends among the gamer community and shows how Biraj defeats one after another opponent in the game with hacks.

For the unknown, it was uploaded on Total Gaming Live, the biggest Free Fire Youtube channel in India. It’s been one year since Biraj’s video went on floors and it has gathered over 4 million views until now.

While using such techniques is at odds with the rules of the game, it is still surprising how this best Free Fire hacker slides through such a sophisticated game with ease. Although opinions may vary, the majority still asserted that Biraj is the answer to “Who is the best hacker in Free Fire”.

PSteam Mod

The other name that is competing for the title of who is the biggest hacker in Free Fire in Indian server is PSteam Mod. In fact, this player also featured in one of the (arguably) best hacking videos of FF. The video was published by Youtube channel 2STATE GAMERS and recorded the player succeeding in getting 46 kills in 1 minute.

In view of the fact that there are bountiful numbers of players in Free Fire, how PSteam Mod could get so many kills within one minute seems impossible. However, remember that he used hacks and tricks, after all.

The 2State Gamer channel of this Indian Free Fire hacker has nearly 60k subscribers at the moment. The viral video alone has garnered more than 3.5 million views at the time of writing.

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Reporting hackers via Garena Free Fire support

Same as every other game title, Free Fire also has its own share of problems. From time to time, players have to face issues like glitches, bugs, or in-game purchase-related errors. In those cases, they should access the official Free Fire Support for inquiries and solutions.

As hacking is not at all recommended in the game, players are encouraged to report any kind of cheating in the game. Millions of Free Fire accounts have been banned and you can report more if you see any. Here's how you can do it:

Ff Hack
Hacks and cheats are not allowed in Free Fire.
  • 1. To report hackers in Free Fire, you must first contact the official support team by visiting this link.
  • 2. Hit the “Submit Request” option on the screen’s right side. Remember to choose the region from the drop-down list first.
  • 3. Now, click the "Hacker Report" button from the "Type of Requests" list. Fill in the required information.
Free Fire Support
Fill in all the important details and attach the proofs report hackers.
  • 4. You should now choose the hack/cheat type the hacker has used from the existing list.
  • 5. Also, enter the Free Fire ID as well as the in-game name of the hacker. Explain quickly the problem/incident.

Note: Only video attachments are counted as valid proof. Screencaps, though, are not equivalent.

  • 6. After you have attached the relevant proof, click “Submit” and you are done.

Other than hacks and cheats, you can also report bugs and strange problems you encounter in Free Fire and earn their attractive bug hunter rewards.

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