If you're a fan of Free Fire, you should be familiar with the Advance Server. That's where all of the new content is uploaded for players to test before the official release. However, there's something that you may not know about it. The Bug Hunter Rewards Free Fire to be more specific. You can earn up to 3,000 Diamonds for discovering and reporting existing bugs on the Advance Server. So put your tester hat on and start making some Diamonds for free!

About Bug Hunter Rewards Free Fire

The Bug Hunter Rewards refers to the Diamonds you get for reporting bugs on the Free Fire Advance Server. Before launching a new update on official servers, the game developers must first upload its new content onto a test server. The main purpose of this is to do a test run and figure out potential bugs that could break the game.

Free Fire Spooky
Earn Diamonds for reporting bugs in Free Fire Advance Server.

To stimulate players to take part in the action, Garena introduces a Bug Hunter Reward in Free Fire. This way, it can enlist the help of players to track bugs and also collect their feedback to improve the game. So, players get Diamonds and the devs have the information they need. It's a win for both sides.

So, how does the system work? Let's say you detect a potential bug in the Advance Server. Then, you proceed to contact the devs via email and explain the bug carefully with proofs. If the bug is confirmed, you will receive Diamonds as a Bug Hunter Reward. Each confirmed bug has a 100 Diamond tag on it. The more bugs you detect, the more Diamonds you earn.

Bug Hunter Rewards Diamonds
Check out these amazing rewards!

On top of that, the top users who report the most bugs get a huge number of Diamonds. Here are the details:

  • First prize: 3000 diamonds (1 user)
  • Second prize: 2000 diamonds (2 users)
  • Third prize: 1000 diamonds (3 users)

If you find the most bugs on the Free Fire Advance Server, you will earn 3,000 Diamonds for free. Plus the Diamonds you get for every bug, also! Now that's a great way to make some free currency.

How to Claim Bug Hunter Rewards Free Fire?

So far, the rewards sound too good to be true, right? But in reality, things aren't that easy for everyone. There are only a certain number of available slots on the Advance Server, meaning not all players can join it. More importantly, some of the slots are reserved for content creators and influencers in the Free Fire community. And as we notice, detecting bugs isn't their first priority.

But in case you do get in the Advance Server, how can you proceed to claim the Bug Hunter Reward? Well, you have to earn it, of course. Detecting a bug is not an easy task. You must play the Advance Server content and be constantly on the lookout for something strange that you think should not be happening.

To claim the Bug Hunter Reward in Free Fire, you must collect all the evidence you need to prove that the bugs aren't set up or fake. And remember, videos are the best option. Pictures, on the other hand, aren't that believable because they can be easily edited.

Free Fire Bug Wall
Reporting bugs to help improve the gameplay.

From there, you have to send all of the documents about the alleged bugs to Free Fire developers. If they confirm the bugs you detect, congratulations! Expect to see some Bug Hunter Rewards sent straight to your emails.

How to Submit A Game Bug Report in Free Fire?

Players can submit a request form on Free Fire Support Center to report an existing bug. Here are 8 easy steps for you to submit a game bug report in Free Fire:

Free Fire Bug Report Request
Submit a request to report bugs.
  • #1 Visit the Garena Free Fire Support Center.
  • #2 On the main page, choose Technical Issues. You will be directed to a new page with a list of common issues.
  • #3 Choose "How to Report A Game Bug".
  • #4 Scroll down to find "Submit A Request". Click on the link.
  • #5 Proceed to fill out the request form. Choose your region (India or others). Leave your contact details correctly.
  • #6 Choose "Game Concerns" under the Type of Request drop-down menu.  Then choose Technical Issues in the Type of Problem.
  • #7 In the Description, try to best explain the bug. Be as clear as possible. Attach any documents that back up your claims.
  • #8 Hit "Submit". The Free Fire Support Team will check the bug and contact you back.
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Be the first one to register for the next Free Fire Advance Server.

That's about everything you need to know about how to report a bug and claim Bug Hunter Rewards Free Fire. We hope that you find our article useful. Stay updated with GuruGamer.com to have the latest news on the next Free Fire Advance Server.

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