Bangladesh is the latest country to get a dedicated Free Fire server. It officially went live at the end of last month and Garena didn't take long to announce a tournament to promote the server. Yesterday, the game officials revealed the Free Fire Khelo Bangladesh Cup for Bangladeshi players exclusively.

Khelo Bangladesh Cup
A new tournament for Bangladeshi players exclusively.

Here's what you need to know about this brand-new tournament!

Participating Teams And Format

Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore was one of the biggest eSports events of all time, capping at millions of concurrent views. To continue its success and further the game's popularity, Garena proudly presents the new Free Fire Khelo Bangladesh Cup for the Bangladeshi server.

Participating in the Free Fire Bangladesh tournament are 24 top influencers in the country. They are paired with 24 professional players also from Bangladesh to compete in the duo tournament. There will be 4 matches to decide who would bring home the trophy as well as the grand prize of the tournament.

Teams In Bangladesh Cup
Here are the teams who will be competing in the tournament.

Here are the teams competing in Free Fire Khelo Bangladesh Cup:

  1. Mr. Triple R
  2. Gaming with Nayeem
  3. Gaming with Zihad
  4. Gaming with Talha is Back
  6. Mama Gaming
  7. ZikuVai Official
  8. SihabFF YT
  9. Jewel the NoobGamer
  10. Roasted Gaming YT
  11. Johan Vai
  12. Sadia’s Gaming
  13. Gaming With Nishaan
  14. Gaming Shakib
  15. Free Fire Alchemists
  16. Subrata 2 kill
  17. Kazi Arpa Gaming
  18. Venom34 FF
  19. Mr. ASIK YT
  20. Gamer Azha
  21. Gamer King
  23. Gaming With Dipu
  24. Clashing Papa

Schedule And Prize Pool

The Free Fire Khelo Bangladesh Cup is a one-day tournament. All 4 of the matches will take place on June 19th, 2021 at 6:30 PM BST. Fans of the game can catch the live streaming of the tournament on the official YouTube channel of Free Fire Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi Server Feature
Garena promises even more eSports events in the future for the Bangladeshi server.

Regarding the prize pool, this tournament features all-Diamond rewards. 24 teams will compete for a share of 100,000 Diamonds!

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