Free Fire is a fast-paced battle royale in which matches can last for about 10 minutes. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, and you can get yourself killed in the first few seconds of the game. There's always a temptation of rushing out and shoot everyone, but the whole point of a battle royale is surviving until the end.

In this article, we would list out the various tips and tricks to avoid early deaths in Free Fire.

1 - Land early/late/land in less crowded places

The easiest way to avoid getting killed early in Free Fire is to just not fighting altogether. Don't land in hot spots that people often converge to like Katulistiwa or Bimasakti strip on Bermuda. You can also jump out of the plane immediately when it is possible. This lets you loot first and avoid facing any enemies while looting. The Falco pet might be useful in this strategy.

Landing in Free Fire
Landing in Free Fire

You can also land late and pick the areas that people are not on. The more time you spend on the plane, the better, with other players killing each other underground.

2 - Don't be picky about weapons

If you don't have any weapon equipped, just grab anything that spawns to defend yourself. If you land first and pick up weapons first, it might be your chance to prey on weapon-less players. Even melee weapons could be useful in this situation.

Any weapon is better than none
Any weapon is better than no weapon to avoid early deaths in Free Fire.

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3 - Prepare for the shrinking safe zone

Inexperienced players often get killed on rotation because they mistimed the shrinking safe zone. This element of Free Fire gameplay is often overlooked in the heat of combat. Overall, it is best to rotate on your own term instead of running like crazy with the zone chasing behind you.

The shrinking safe zone is dangerous
The shrinking safe zone is dangerous.

To avoid this problem, try to leave your camping spot early. You should be able to catch other players if you are inside the circle when the zone shrinks.

4 - Play defensively and camp

While playing aggressively nets you more kills, it is also riskier and might get you killed. Before getting a good set of armor and helmet, it is smarter to just lurk around and camp until some players are eliminated.

Camping on high ground
Camping on high ground is great in avoiding early deaths in Free Fire.

5 - Avoid vehicles

It might not be a good idea to go for vehicles early on, as they draw a lot of attention. Multiple players might attack or ambush a driver. You are also defenseless while driving, as shooting while doing it is not possible. While hitting an enemy with a car for an easy vehicle kill might sound tempting, but that rarely ever happens.

Avoid vehicles early on
Avoid vehicles early on

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