Bringing a sword to a gunfight is definitely a bad idea, as you would be shot dead first before you can get close. Free Fire is not an exception - melee weapons in this game are next to useless and nobody wants to use them. However, sometimes you still need to pull out your machetes, as they are part of completing various achievements and arcade game modes.


In this article, we would list out some of the best tips and tricks on using melee weapons in Free Fire.

1 - List of melee weapons in Free Fire

Currently, there are 6 melee weapons in Free Fire: The Katana, Bat, Machete, Pan, Scythe and Fists.


The Katana is a weapon of samurai... and it is often associated with Hayato in Free Fire. Overall, this sword is one of the better melee weapons, with good reach and damage.

Best Melee Weapon In Free Fire


The Bat has the same reach as the Katana but deals a little bit lower damage - it makes sense, as the thing is not a bladed weapon.

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While the Machete has comparable damage to the Katana, its reach is shorter and therefore hitting enemies would be much harder.

Best Melee Weapon In Free Fire

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The Pan has lower reach and damage than other weapons on this list, but it can deal much more critical damage on headshots.

Best Melee Weapon In Free Fire


The newly released Scythe is probably the best melee weapon in Free Fire currently, with 50% more damage than other weapons in the class, and a much longer reach with its long handle. You would be able to headshot enemies much easier now.

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However, the weakness of the weapon is its slightly slower swinging speed.


Fists attacks are usually pretty harmless... unless you have Kla's ability of +500% damage. With the boost, your punches would be as deadly as a normal melee weapon... with much lower reach, of course.


2 - Tips and Tricks on using melee weapons in Free Fire

  • Overall, you need to close the distance between you and your target as fast as possible - this could be done by either activating skills that increase movement speed like Alok's "Drop the Beat" or placing Chrono's Shield between you and the target... but usually this is easier said than done. It is best to just camp inside buildings and ambush enemies who walk in instead.

Best Melee Weapon In Free Fire

  • Your weapons can block bullets - you can try to swing them repeatedly at the enemy whos shooting at you to block some of the damage.
  • Unless you get a headshot, it would take 4 or even 5 hits to bring one enemy down - always try to score headshots using melee weapons (especially when you are using the Pan).
  • Kla's ability to increase fist damage is fairly cool at max level - but you need to get as close as possible to actually be able to punch people.

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