Not all weapons in Free Fire are created equal - some are stronger than others. In Free Fire, there are certain weapons that have the ability to partially penetrate the protection of body armor and helmets, rendering those items ineffective.

In this article, we would list out all weapons with the armor-piercing ability in Free Fire.

6 – SKS (46 points)

Overall, the SKS is an amped-up M14, with stats and functions being about the same as the SVD. The best part about the SKS, however, is that you can find it as a normal drop and not crate only - you would get to use it much more than the SVD. This is probably to make up for the overall lower firepower, with both damage and armor penetration being slightly less than what the SVD offers.

Sks Maniacos

5 - M1887 (54 points)

The M1887, despite having only 2 shots, is much stronger than the M1014. It has 100 damage, the highest damage stat in the class, and the lowest spread at 21. The best statistic, however, is the M1887's whopping 67 armor piercing. This means the gun can pretty much shred through body armor like nothing - 2 shots are pretty much enough to finish a player (if some of the pellets hit the head). If you missed the first shot, you must headshot with the second.

Image 5 Best M1887 Skin In Free Fire

4 - UMP (64 points)

The UMP is probably the best and most damaging SMG in the game - it is the only weapon in this class with the ability to penetrate armor. With 63 points in armor penetration, the UMP can pretty much ignore 2/3 of enemies' vest and helmet's damage reduction. If you manage to find a UMP, stick with it and find some more attachments if possible -  a foregrip is recommended, as it would greatly aid in reducing its random bullet spread.

Arma Royale Ump Arte Da Guerra Free Fire 5e172d64e

3 - SVD (67 points)

The SVD or Dragunov is pretty rare - it can only be found in drop crates, which are pretty hard to come by. It uses the usual ammo for assault rifles. Overall, the offensive capability of the gun is pretty high, with damage, rate of fire, reload speed and range on par with a normal sniper rifle. Only its accuracy is not up to standard - it is rather low, only half as much as a normal sniper rifle.

Dragunov Is Very Powerful

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2 - M82B (67 points)

The newest sniper rifle added to Free Fire - the M82B definitely packs a lot of punch and is very versatile due to its numerous special abilities. It deals the same base damage as other sniper rifles with extra bonus damage to Vehicles and Gloo walls. Using this gun, you can easily snipe enemies behind Gloo covers, an important ability in the mid to late game. The armor-piercing part would ensure the M82B remains strong at the end of the game.

M82b Free Fire

1 - Woodpecker (75 points)

The newest semi-automatic sniper rifle in Free Fire... and the weapon with the highest effective damage in the game, due to its ability to pierce armor. The Woodpecker's weakness is its relatively short range for a sniper rifle... you might need to get closer for the gun to be effective.

Freefire Woodpecker Crop1603058631804 Jpg 55468846

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