Purgatory is the second map of Garena Free Fire that was unlocked after you reach character level 5. It is a lot different from the other maps - the island was divided into 2 parts with a big canal. This, in turn, creates a lot of chokepoints, as you have to cross bridges to get to the other side of the island.

Take A Look At The Purgatory Map In Free Fire
The Purgatory Map In Free Fire

In this article, we would list out some of the best loot spots in order for you to win in Purgatory.

1 - Quarry

The giant quarry is a decent loot/landing spot for survival style player – it is relatively remote, and the area is littered with covers like cranes, containers, boulders and ramps. Both the top and bottom of the place are filled with loot, especially the containers and pillboxes on the top. Think carefully before jumping down, as you might be ambushed while getting up. At the northeast side of the quarry, there usually is a spawned vehicle.

free fire purgatory map 2020

2 - Moathouse

If you are in a team, Moathouse would be a decent choice for a starting location. It is a small island that can only be accessed through two bridges - you can hold off people using these chokepoints indefinitely. Its weakness is the relatively big distance from the later safe zones.

free fire purgatory map 2020

3 - Trailer Park

The old caravan park on the far north of the map is a great place to land and start looting. The place is on the shore of a small lake, with caravan and houses scattered around, each contains a decent amount of loot. To avoid ambushes when entering the park, it is best to use the hills surrounded it on the south and east side – you would need to look out for hostiles before entering. Check out the house on the valley east of the park first – there should be a high tier item in that location.

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4 - Brasilia

Brasilia is probably the most important location that you would need to learn - it is the biggest town on the map and filled to the brim with buildings. If you choose to land here, try to find a weapon as soon as possible as people would start shooting immediately. Most matches would end in this region, so it is important that you explore it in practice matches first before playing Purgatory.

Free Fire old purgatory map

5 - Ski Lodge

The east side’s Ski lodge is another great spot for survival style player. The area is relatively easy to navigate and open, with an entrance leading to simple divisions and lockers. The loot can be found scattered around on the ground – the open field is an advantage, as you would be able to look around and scout for enemies. On the right die, off the runway is a vehicle that you can use to leave the site using the main road after completed looting.

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