Free Fire's skill system is probably the most well-liked feature of the game, creating another layer of tactics before the actual BR gameplay. All skills in the game are unique - while some abilities are strong at any part of the match, others only shine at the very end.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 best late-game skills. If you have one or two abilities on this list equipped, you would have a big advantage over enemies without them.

5 - Hayato

It is all about 1 vs 1 at the end of the game... and Hayato is one of the more effective abilities in this regard. Bushido would increase your weapon's armor-piercing ability based on your current HP - the less health you have, the higher the bonus. At the final circle, almost every player would be wearing high-level armors... and because of that, armor-piercing would be super effective.


4 - A124

A124's Thrill of Battle is fairly useful in 1 vs 1 combat - it quickly restores 50HP at the cost of EP, give you a huge edge in a fight. If you picked the right moment to activate it, you would pretty much play the game with 250 HP instead of just 200.

A124 Free Fire

3 - Wolfrahh

Wolfrahh's ability Limelight is very powerful... but takes a lot of preparation to reach its peak. This is why this ability is super strong in the late game. After 5 kills, the damage you deal to enemy limbs would be increased by 20% and the damage you take from headshot would be decreased by 25% - both are super powerful bonuses.

Wolfrahh Free Fire Skills

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2 - Luqueta

Luqueta's Hat Trick would increase your Maximum HP after every kill... and at max level, it takes only 2 kills to boost your MAX HP pool to 235. Having more HP than enemies in a 1 vs 1 fight is a huge edge and would usually net you a victory if both players have the same level of skill.

Luqueta Skill

1 - Chrono

Chrono's ability has claimed Alok's spot of the best ability in Free Fire. It is a perfect defense ability... and at the late game, you can just put it up to force your enemy to retreat. Correct usage of the ability would decide the winner of the match.

Free Fire Chrono Character 2

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