Free Fire is currently the most popular Battle Royale game in India after PUBG Mobile gets banned in the country. Due to the fairly low graphical requirements, it has attracted a lot of players with all kinds of old devices that cannot run PUBG Mobile.

But what if your phone can't even run Free Fire? These alternatives would definitely be your best bet - they are all under 200 MB.

1 - Battlelands Royale

Size: 114 MB

Battlelandsroyale Download Free

Battlelands Royale is a smaller 3rd battle royale with fast gameplay due to a smaller player count of only 32 per match. Due to this, each match would last for less than three minutes – this is the main selling point of Battlelands Royale. If you don’t have time to play a proper match of Free Fire, these short fights of Battleland Royale would definitely work wonders.

You would definitely get the vibes of Fortnite and Free Fire from Battlelands Royale's cartoonish style.

2 - Heroes Strike Offline - MOBA & Battle Royale

Size: 102 MB

Maxresdefault 1

This is a pretty weird hybrid of two genres: MOBA and Battle Royale. Similar to Free Fire, each character in this game has their own unique skill that you can use in battle. A match of Heroes Strike would only last for a very short duration, due to the max limit of 12 players per match.

The game is really easy to play, with simple 2D graphics, controls, and mechanics... and the top-down style is much different than what people usually play on other games like PUBG or Free Fire.

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3 - Battle Royale 3D - Warrior63

Size: 99 MB


This is pretty much a lightweight clone of Free Fire. In Battle Royale 3D - Warrior63, you would land onto a mega battle map of 4km x 4km with multiple different terrains: land, sea, mountains... and duke it out in 15 minutes battles.

All the usual aspects of a battle royale are here - from the poison circle to the land & loot gameplay.

4 - Free survival: fire battlegrounds

Size: 120 MB

Screen 13

If the above is a weird clone of Free Fire, this one is a clone of PUBG... even the name is similar. The gameplay is pretty much the same as Free Fire with fewer features and a smaller player base.

5 - Cyber Fire: Free Battle Royale & Shooting games

Size: 150 MB

Screen 2

Another lightweight clone of Fortnite... but this one has a little bit more effort put into it. Besides the battle royale mode, there are other extra modes like Squad mode or Team Battle. You can also play this game without an internet connection as well.

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