Free Fire is a fairly complex Battle Royale shooter, with a lot of elements like guns, character skills, pets... with guns and grenade usage being the most skill-intensive of them all. While pretty much all players know how to use guns, not many actually know how to use grenade in Free Fire effectively.

How To Use Grenade In Free Fire

Many people end up forgetting the grenades in their inventory and don't even use them during matches. Others don't quite know how and when to use them and waste their potential. If you fit into one of these two groups or just want to improve your game, check out our quick guide below.

1 - List of all Grenades in Free Fire

Gloo Wall Grenade

This grenade would instantly create a barrier cover in the direction the user is facing. The wall's HP can be boosted by a Robo pet. Extra grenades would be provided periodically if you have Waggor pet equipped. Some weapons like the M82B can pierce Gloo Walls.

Gloo Wall Grenade

Gloo Wall automatically disappears after a while. The maximum number of Gloo Walls that can be placed by a player is 3. Any new wall would make the oldest one disappear.

Frag Grenade

This grenade would explode and damage everyone in the blast radius. Not much to explain here - except that you can cook the grenade first before throwing.

Frag Grenade


This is probably the most dangerous grenade in the game, despite not dealing any damage. When hit with a flashbang, all enemies in the radius would be blinded and deafened for a short period of time - enough for you to unload a barrage of crippling fire upon them. The thrower can also be affected by the grenade but teammates would not be affected.

Smoke Grenade

Create a smoke cloud that obstructs an area, preventing people from seeing through. The smoke would disable aim assist.

Smoke Grenade


Deploy an explosive landmine that blows up when any player walks into it. It can also be triggered by shooting.

Decoy Grenade

Create a fake player on the map - this fake has durability and timer just like the Gloo Wall.

Brick Grenade

Create a brick tower after deployment. It can be destroyed by enemy attacks and would disappear after a while. You can climb on the tower with a grapple gun.

2 - How To Use Gloo Wall In Free Fire

There are the important things you need to remember when using Gloo Walls.

  • You can hold the Gloo Grenade button while moving - this way you can deploy it as cover at any time. Very useful when going into dangerous areas.
  • You can jump on top of Gloo Walls to get to otherwise inaccessible places like rooftop.
  • You can throw a Gloo Wall to distract enemies then go the other way around.
  • Gloo Walls can be used to block vehicles.
Use Gloo Walls To Block Enemies
Use Gloo Walls To Block Enemies

3 - How To Use Grenade In Free Fire

To use normal Grenade, you need to remember these three things:

  • Don't waste the grenade - use it if you are certain that enemies are taking cover in that location. Cook the grenade if you want to damage them... or just throw it normally and rush to shot when they move away from the explosion.
  • You can use a quick grenade to kill downed enemies.
  • You can jump while throwing to increase the effective range of the throw.

4 - How To Use Smoke Grenades In Free Fire Clash Squad

This grenade is more useful than you'd expect - due to players' usual reaction of stop firing when they can't see enemies. The Smoke Grenade can be used to cover your retreat, revive and heal your teammate, or create a trap for your enemy. More often than not, they would not shoot through the smoke.

Smoke Grenade

The smoke also disables the auto-aim feature of Free Fire. Enemies would not be able to lock you automatically and would have to manually drag the cursor to the correct location. You would get the upper hand if they are not used to this.

Smoke Grenade

It can also be used to open combat or prevent enemies from entering an area - as usually, any player would hesitate to go in a location they cannot see through. It is best to use this item inside a building.

5 - How to use Launchers In Free Fire

There are 3 launchers in the game. These weapons are fairly hard to find – it might take a few rounds for you to get your hand on one of them. They can be fired similarly to how you throw a grenade – the projectile is lobbed out and explodes on impact. A red tracer similar to a grenade throw would appear as well.

Launcher Free Fire
The damage and blast radius of launchers can be further increased by Alvaro's skill

It can be used in the place of grenades to force players out of covers or destroy vehicles – however, if you are holding something with more than 1 ammo capability, you can spam them like a normal weapon – the barrage of grenades are super powerful and can clear out a whole team in just a few seconds. The ammunition for the launchers are super rare, however, it is best to just discard it if there is no ammo left.

6 - How to use Landmines in Free Fire

They explode after the enemy stand in the radius for 2 second. It is best to place landmines near choke points or places that enemies want to go like near vehicles, loot crate, death crate, mushroom... to use them as bait.


Place them right under a window that enemies might get through is a good idea as well.

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