Bermuda is the most popular map in Free Fire... and is part of pretty much every competition, league, or tournament. The number of matches played in Bermuda per day is also much higher than the other two maps... and this is why you need to learn this map by heart to succeed.

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In this article, we would list out the 5 most useful tips and tricks for playing on the Bermuda Map in Free Fire.

1 - Avoid landing on hot zones

With the new version of Bermuda having 4 new locations, a lot of players would try to land on them to explore... and fighting at the beginning of the game against multiple players is really risky. Even the best Free Fire player could be killed if caught off guard.


Try to land on places on the edge of the map then make your way to the center of the island, based on where the circle spawns. Based on the flight route, Mill, Mars Electric and Shipyard are the best starting locations. If possible, try to land immediately - you would be able to loot first and prepare yourself to fight other players.

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2 - Camping or set up ambushes

After picking up a decent weapon (preferably an AR, it is best to find some spot to camp for enemies instead of moving around. You might get less kill this way, but your chance of surviving until the end of the game would be much higher. Only move when you need to get to the next safe circle.

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3 - Try to get a good weapon combo

It is recommended that you have a combo of one long-range and one short-range weapon. That way you would be able to deal with any situations that might occur. Having two sniper rifles at the same time is cool but overkill. The Bermuda map is certainly big... but you still need an SMG or shotgun for close quarters in buildings.

4 - Wear green cosmetics

With the whole map covered in greens, it is best to disguise yourself wearing costumes of the same color. This would make it harder for enemies to spot your location - Free Fire's cosmetics are actually "pay to lose" in a sense, as real-life soldiers would try to blend with the environment as much as possible.

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5 - Move around using vehicles

It is best to grab a car if you have to get to the other side of the island... even if you have time to walk. Cars in Free Fire provides great protection from gunfire and the ability to just ram and kill enemies.

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