Gun skins are fairly important in Free Fire as they provide various bonuses that would sometimes boost the efficiency of your weapon greatly. This goes double for the Sniper Rifles, as they are the hardest weapons to use in the game. In this article, we would list out the top 5 best Sniper Rifles skins in Free Fire.

5 - Kar98k Ice Blue

The Kar98k Ice Blue skin further increases the gun's damage stat - with this skin equipped, it would deal as much damage as the AWM. As sniper rifles deal a lot more damage when scoring headshots, these bonus damage would also get multiplied as well. The Ice Blue Kar98k is decorated with grid style pattern

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4 - Kar98k Imperial Rome

The Imperial Rome Kar98k is pretty much the same as the Ice Blue - the only difference between them is their looks. The Imperial Rome Kar98k is black with golden trimmings and white pattern decorations.

Kar98k Imperial Rome

3 - AWM Valentine

Another excellent AWM skin with bonuses on Fire rate and Reload speed, at a small demerit in magazine size. Overall, -magazine demerits are pretty much non-existent and do not affect the performance of the weapon at all. The Valentine AWM also comes in a pretty decent neon color combination of blue, purple and teal.


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2 - Kar98k Great Plunder

Nothing beats extra armor penetration on a sniper rifle. The Great Plunderer skin enables the Kar98k to deal even more damage on headshots, even if the target is wearing a helmet. The magazine demerit does not matter much at all.

Kar98k Great Plunder

1 - Duke Swallowtail AWM

Duke Swallowtail or Butterfly is pretty much the best and most powerful AWM skin in the game. It improves the AWM's greatest weakness of low fire rate at a pretty cheap cost of just a little reload speed. The Ammo bonus is just a cheery on top. The Duke is designed with a red and black theme, a perfect fit for a lot of sets in Free Fire.

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