The M4A1 has become one of the most popular ARs in Free Fire. It has decent all-rounded stats along with a high drop rate and ease of usage - there is a reason that pro players prioritize getting M4A1 skins.

Because of its popularity, the M4A1 has gotten many powerful skins over the years... and this new skin Genos M4A1 in the One Punch Man Collab might be the best ever released. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about it.

1 - About the Genos M4A1 Skin

The Genos M4A1 has the perfect combination of bonuses - Fire Rate ++ and Damage +. This is actually stronger than the other way around, as the faster your gun fires, the easier to get a drag headshot. The demerit of this skin is fairly irrelevant, as Magazine - can always be fixed with an extended quickdraw magazine.

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This M4A1 is inspired by Genos' laser cannons that he can transform using his hands. The weapon looks super futuristic and is going to have golden electrical effects on its body.

Skin Genos M4a1 Free Fire

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2 - Comparison with other top tier M4A1 skins

Currently, these 2 are the best skins for this gun:

M4A1 Cataclysm

Otherwise called the Venom M4A1, the Cataclysm is pretty much the best version of the M4A1 in Free Fire. The ++ in fire rate and + in damage boost the damage output of the gun so much that the - in range becomes negligible. And the M4A1 already has the longest range in the game so that doesn't matter much.

The Cataclysm M4A1 is decorated with neon green patterns.

M4A1 Scorching Sands

The vine-covered Scorching Sands M4A1 is probably the best M4 skin in the game, with bonuses on damage and fire rate. While the bonuses are identical to the Cataclysm, the Scorching Sands has a better demerit - magazine size does not matter to this gun at all.

M4A1 Scorching Sands


Overall, the Genos M4A1 has the same bonus as the Strongest skin currently, Scorching Sands. However, appearance-wise, the Genos M4A1 looks much better, as it pretty much becomes a futuristic gun instead of keeping the original looks of the usual weapon.

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