Free Fire has been expanding exponentially in India, claiming more and more of the mobile gaming market with their various collaborations. The last event of 2020 was a particularly big one - the release of a brand new character in collaboration with a world-famous football star, Christiano Ronaldo. And now, for the first event of 2021, we are going to get a Free Fire x One Punch Man collab.

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In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about this event.

1 - About the Free Fire X One Punch Man event

The collab is going to be named "Hero's Way" and is going to be available from this Sunday, January 10th and last until January 26th. This event would offer a lot of anime-based OPM content, including new costumes and a special interface for the lobby.

Exclusive items

Players would be able to acquire Saitama and Genos' costumes, along with Saitama's iconic pajamas from this event.

The 2 new gun skins in this event would be the Genos M4A1, designed based on Genos' arm cannon and the M1887 One Punch Man. The Genos M4A1 is going to be a futuristic weapon with a yellow effect.

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All players who log in on the peak day of the event, January 23, would get a free Saitama themed Surfboard

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The various other one punch man themed cosmetics: emotes, backpack and Gloo Wall.

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2 - Event Schedule

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From Jan 15th onwards, Saitama would hold special training sessions that offer players a chance to earn exclusive rewards. For each defeated monster, drop boxes of various rarity would spawn... however, to fight the monsters, players need to get the tickets by doing daily tasks.

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Hero's Path is another web event that gives players even more opportunities to earn rewards. From January 16th to 26th, players can complete various daily missions to earn tokens to use in the redemption store.

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