Kalahari is Garena's latest attempt at adding a new map. Unlike the lush green of Bermuda and Purgatory, Kalahari is somewhat of a mountainous desert, with a lot of oddities here and there. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the Kalahari map and what inspired it in real life.

Kalahari map

1 - Strangest locations on Kalahari

Kalahari has a lot of weird locations, with structures from a lot of periods mashed together, which actually makes no sense. A 16th-century sailboat is wrecked in San Catarina... and right next to it is a submarine on a high cliff, overlooking a refinery. Not to mention the giant skeleton of some creatures a few hundred meters to the west.

Free Fire Kalahari Map Hiding Places

It is almost like the developers just crammed all the "cool" things onto this map without actually designing the map. Apparently, Kalahari was supposed to be a previously submerged region... With the appearance of the stranded sub and refinery, we can assume that the water has just retreated from the area. This contradicts the various ancient structures scattered across the map, which implies people have been living there for quite a while.

Free Fire Kalahari Map Hiding Places

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2 - Which Location Is Free Fire Kalahari Map Based On In Real Life?

The Name

The name "Kalahari" was taken from the real-life Kalahari desert in Southern Africa, which is actually much drier than this map. Flora and fauna are scarce to be seen.

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Furthermore, this desert is pretty much landlocked - there's no way a place like this could have been submerged like Free Fire's Kalahari map.

The Location

Overall, Kalahari map might be based on North America's western regions, with the rock formations bearing a lot of similarities to Arizona's Grand Canyon. The stony structures on the map are inspired by Central and South America's Maya and Aztec civilizations.


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