Setting up a trap and flank from multiple directions are amongst the core strategies for taking out enemies in Free Fire. Ambushes are not hard to set up - it requires some map knowledge and patience from your side.

In this guide, we would list out everything you need to know about ambushing in Free Fire.

1 - Pick a weapon and location

You would need to pick a good weapon to camp... and your camping locations would be decided based on the weapon you have. If you managed to get your hand on a sniper rifle like the Kar98k or semi-auto sniper rifle like the Woodpecker, finding a good high ground spot should be your first priority.

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On the other hand, if you found a shotgun or SMG, hiding behind corners is probably your best bet... as the effective ranges of these weapons are rather small.

2 - What to do while staying hidden?

You need to listen to the sounds in the area for footsteps and the sound of gunfire. Remember to peak behind corners using 3rd person perspective as well - you need to be aware of your enemies' location... otherwise, the opportunity would be wasted.

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3 - When to make an ambush?

You can make an ambush either in the early game when there are many people running around in hot zones... or in the late game when the play area has sunken down significantly. You usually have to chase the circle around in mid-game... setting up ambushes might slow down your progress.

4 - Use choke points

Make use of places that enemies have to pass through like bridges - it would be easier for you to predict their movement that way.

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5 - Use baits

Loots and vehicles are the best baits - sometimes they might be too focused on getting into the car or picking up a crate to notice you ducking behind a corner.

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