Garena Free Fire has claimed the number one spot in the mobile market of India... and they have been constantly working on updates to stay in that position. Free Fire's OB25 update was one of the biggest ever released - it has brought a lot of new additions and changes to the game including new weapons and characters.

Free Fire OB26 Update

The Free Fire OB26 update is going to be just as big... and luckily, information related to it has been leaked out by data miners. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about this update.

1 - Expected Release Date of Free Fire OB26 Update

Big updates of Free Fire usually hits every two months - and this one is not an exception. According to the leak, the OB 26 update is going to be released on February 4, 2021. Keep an eye out for the advance server beta register - usually, it would begin two weeks before the update hit.

Free Fire OB26 Update

Advance Server Registration Guide (Note: Only work when the Advance Beta is available)

  1. Get to the official Site of Free Fire Advance Server.
  2. Log in to the site by clicking on the "Login with Facebook" button. You must use an account that was linked to a Facebook account.
  3. The Registration form would appear afterward – just enter the needed information then submit.

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2 - Two New Characters

Usually, Free Fire's new characters are introduced into the game a few patches prior to their actual debut... and because of that, there are 2 possible additions for the roster in Free Fire OB26 Update: Sverr and Snowelle.


Snowelle is a Lab researcher whose majors are nanotechnology and robotics. Her skill "Nano Nerves" is inspired by her background - it is an active skill that enables her bullets to stop enemies' active skills and regeneration. Based on her background story and the name of the skill, it is likely that the bullets contain nanomachines. She was part of the OB25 Advance Server update but wasn't added to the game when the patch hit.

Free Fire OB26 Update

Skill effects: Within 5s of being hit by Snowelle, enemies are unable to use active skills, unable to convert EP into HP. Its cooldown would be shortened with levels - it would be reduced from 45 to 30 from level 1 to 6.

This ability would counter all meta abilities like Alok, K and Chrono's... overall, Snowelle would definitely be a required character for high-rank players.


Sverr is a top tier MMA fighter who's looking for revenge after losing to Kla in an official match. He was part of the OB24 Advance Server update but wasn't added to the game when the patch hit. Sverr's skill is an active ability called "Going Berserk", which was probably inspired by his background as a "mad" fighter.

Free Fire OB26 Update

Skill effects: By activating the ability, Sverr would sacrifice some HP to get a temporary damage boost. The abilities' statistics increase with levels.

  • Going Berserk Level 1: Consume 40 HP to increase damage output by 10% for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 45s.
  • Going Berserk Level 2: Consume 38 HP to increase damage output by 12% for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 42s.
  • Going Berserk Level 3: Consume 36 HP to increase damage output by 14% for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 39s.
  • Going Berserk Level 4: Consume 34 HP to increase damage output by 16% for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 36s.
  • Going Berserk Level 5: Consume 32 HP to increase damage output by 18% for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 33s.
  • Going Berserk Level 6: Consume 30 HP to increase damage output by 20% for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 30s.

This ability would be a high-risk high-reward type of skill, as a 20% damage boost is pretty massive. You would have to use the skill in combat, as the duration is fairly short.

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3 - New Pet "Dinosaur"

The new pet for the OB26 update might be a Dinosaur - its official name is unknown but on Spanish servers, it is known as Dragosito. Overall, the pet looks like a normal dinosaur or lizard.

Free Fire OB26 Update

The special ability of the dinosaur pet is named "Heavy Thief" - it increases the players running speed and item picking speed after each kill. The effect only lasts for a few seconds. Overall, the ability is not too useful, as a temporary bonus gained after a kill is only effective in a select few situations.

4 - Bermuda 2.0 replaces normal Bermuda

Garena's long-awaited Bermuda 2.0 update has just been released as a temporary map during the new year patch. The devs have extended the duration of the event from Jan 10 to Jan 17 to gather more data - the full releases would probably be the next big patch: OB26

Free Fire OB26 Update

Below are the main changes. Overall, the least popular locations in Free Fire like the Graveyard, Riverside and Bullseye get removed... while Rim Nam village and Sentosa get an upgrade.

  • Graveyard -> Removed
  • Bullseye -> Removed
  • Rim Nam Village -> Fisherman's Creek
  • Riverside -> Removed
  • Sentosa -> Yagami Garden
  • New location: Hydropower
  • New location: Academy

Apparently, there might be two more locations with codenames "Tokyo" and "New York" added to the map. "Tokyo" would be between the Clocktower and Factory... while "New York" would be replacing Riverside. It is unclear if this leak is correct or not.

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