Weapons in Free Fire are not created equal - each of them has specific perks and quicks that you need to get used to while shooting. While some weapons like the AWM deals extreme damage with each bullet and can even one-hit-kill a target... others can barely tickle opponents.

In this article, we would showcase the top 5 weapons with the lowest damage in Free Fire.

5 - MP40

Damage: 48

The MP40 is pretty much the UMP on steroid - it has the fastest firing rate in the game... and the poorest range and accuracy out of all SMGs. You pretty much can't damage anything outside of melee ranges when using the MP40. Its damage is also one of the lowest in the game.


4 - MP5

Damage: 48

The MP5 is a budget version of the UMP - without the armor penetration and high movement speed. However, its reload speed + firing speed combo is still pretty solid... and the MP5 don't actually need a foregrip, unlike the UMP, as its base accuracy is already high enough.

SMG in Free Fire

A muzzle might also be pretty useful - the Mp5 has the highest range amongst weapons in the same role at 41... and boosting it even further is not a bad idea.

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3 - Vector

Damage: 47

The first weapon in Free Fire that can be used on both hands. The Vector Akimbo made up for this with the second-lowest damage stat in the game. This is probably for balance reasons, as the damage potential of this weapon can be doubled.

Free Fire Vector Akimbo 59bf

2 - G18

Damage: 45

The second weakest weapon in the game, along with its counterpart, the USP. Overall, this is probably a filler gun and should never be used unless there is no other choice. Every stat of this gun is abysmal.

Maxresdefault 5

1 - USP

Damage: 45

While the USP has the same damage per shot as the G18, its other stats are even lower. Overall, this gun is pretty much a peashooter and should be avoided at all costs.

Maxresdefault 6

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