Garena Free Fire is getting more and more popular in India especially after PUBG Mobile got banned. While the game has fierce competition in the Indian market, it has enough differences to stand out and carve its own unique player base.

Free Fire Skin Ak Blue Flame

Weapon choice plays an extremely important role in the game – and when you have to pick between various guns in the Assault Rifle class, some slight stat differences could be the deciding factor between victory and defeat. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 most powerful AR skins in the game.

1 - SCAR Megalodon Alpha

When maxed, the SCAR Megalodon Alpha has the following bonuses: + Damage, ++ Fire Rate and - Reload Speed. The combo of damage and Fire Rate is probably the best in Free Fire outside of a few specific cases... and people usually prefer a higher fire rate than damage for an easier time getting headshots.

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The Megalodon Alpha fits perfectly into the top tier category. The demerit in Reload Speed is not much of a problem at all... as it does not affect the gun's damage output. The SCAR Megalodon Alpha will deal more damage to enemies' vest and helmet at level 6.

2 - Blue Flame Draco AK

Damage and Fire rate is the perfect combo for a gun skin... and the Blue Flame AK has them both, with a rather negligible bonus of movement speed reduction. This is also one of the best looking skins in the game, with 6 different bonus effects.

Ak Blue Flame Draco

The AK Blue Flame Draco will deal more damage to Gloo Wall at level 6.

3 - Famas Black Widow - Golden

This is the best skin for the FAMAS, with ++ on damage and + on accuracy. The Famas guns really don't need any bonus fire rate, as it already is the fastest AR in the game. Besides this, the black widow weapons are the best-looking skins for the FAMAS, with a customized killfeed.

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4 - AN94 Spikey Spine

This purple AN94 is probably the best AN94 skin in the game, with ++ bonus on rate of fire and + on range. The AN already has good damage... and that's why it benefits the most from any bonus fire rate. The - magazine demerit is pretty negligible.

AN94 Spikey Spine
AN94 Spikey Spine

5 - XM8 Abyssal

The Abyssal is the best XM8 skin in the game, in both the look and power department. It furthers buff the two best stats of the gun, damage and range to a higher level at a minimal cost of ammo reduction. Sniping with the XM8 Abyssal is much more effective than other skins.

XM8 Abyssal
XM8 Abyssal

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