Healing is a super important ability in Free Fire... or just any game in general. The more HP you have in combat, the more likely you would be able to come out alive. This is why most characters' healing abilities in Free Fire are periodically and not instantaneous.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 healing abilities in Free Fire.

5 - Notora

The motorcycle gang leader Notora can heal herself and every teammate to full... as long as someone with her skill is driving the vehicle. While the heal is rather slow and you cannot shoot while doing it, the fact that it is unlimited makes Notora's ability useful.

Notora Free Fire

The ability would give players inside the car Notora is driving 4.5 HP regen every 5 seconds. There is no limit for this heal - you can pretty much to full from 1 HP, as long as a player with Racer's Blessing is driving.

4 - A124

A124's "Thrill of Battle" is the closest thing we have to a traditional heal in Free Fire. It pretty much makes her the king in a 1vs1 firefight. At the maximum level, it converts 50 EP into HP immediately, effectively give her 250 HP - just enough to tip the scales in your favor. When combined with something like Alok and K's abilities, you can pretty much last forever in the fight.

New Character A124

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3 - Luqueta

Luqueta's ability "Hat Trick" is one of the best skills in the late game, as the MAX HP given by it can be healed repeatedly, unlike Antonio's ability that goes away after getting damaged. With it equipped, you would gain max HP for each kill, with a max limit of 35 (which can be gained after 2 kills). This requirement is more or less to balance the skill - it gives no bonus early on and you have to earn them through getting kills.

New Character Luqueta

2 - K

K's skill "Master of all" has 2 modes - the first one would let him and his teammates heal faster from EP... and the second one would restore his EP at a faster rate. Overall, K's skill is purely defensive and should be combined with more offensive skills to get the best effect. The Fast EP convert is actually just as good as Alok's heal.

Garena Free Fire Latest Character Dj Kshmr Header

1 - Alok

Alok is usually considered amongst the strongest characters released in Free Fire because of his "Drop the beat" skill's multiple powers. Normally, a character's skill can only boost one stat (like Kelly for example) but Alok's skill can pretty much do everything - from Speed boost to heal... and it also affects all teammates in the area as well.

Free Fire Alok Character Banner

Alok's skill is so brokenly powerful that after a lot of characters were added to the game, he is still the best character in Free Fire.

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