Garena Free Fire is the most downloaded mobile game in 2020, with a massive player base on all 5 continents. The more popular a game gets, the higher the number of hackers - this has been true for all shooter games... and Free Fire is sadly not an exception.

Free Fire Account Suspension

You are supposed to have fun while playing games... but against cheaters who have unfair advantages, that is more or less impossible. Garena has been trying to resolve this unending issue with security updates and ban waves - last week was the latest one, with over a million accounts banned.

In this article, we would analyze the various hacks in Free Fire in the previous ban wave.

1 - About Free Fire's recent Ban Wave

In the last 14 days, Garena has banned a total of 1,363,824 cheating accounts, which is an 11% increase from the previous wave (which suspended 1,218,816 accounts). According to the devs, almost half of the banned accounts (44%) were because of players' reports - only 56% were caught by the system. This means Garena's anti-cheat still has a lot of holes that can be exploited.


Cheater's accounts are banned permanently - Garena rarely hands out short duration bans, if at all. Intentionally teaming up with cheaters is also a punishable offense, with 63,785 "collaborators" getting banned this wave, almost doubled the record of the previous wave (33,000)

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2 - Which are the most popular cheat amongst hackers?

Here's a detailed break up of the banned Free Fire Accounts:

137280979 3679232032185024 2021112058430006954 O

50% of cheaters were banned for using auto-aim. This is actually not a surprise, as this type of hack has always been popular in all shooters. With auto-aim activated, you would be able to win pretty much every fight as long as you see your opponent first. You need to turn off auto headshot while using this to lessen the chance of getting banned.

38% of hackers were banned for using Teleportation, which instantly moves them from one location to another. This hack is the easiest to detect for the anti-cheat system - it is also pretty obvious for other players if you spawn right before their eyes.

Hacker In Free Fire

Only 1% were banned due to the usage of clipping hack, which lets them move through walls and covers. However, 1% is already 10k accounts.

Maphack/Antenna Hack is actually much less popular these days - only 5% of hackers were banned for using them. The remaining 6% got banned due to unspecified reasons.

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