Clash Squad has become one of the iconic modes in Free Fire - it is the only custom mode to ever be made permanent and even get its own rank. Similar to BR mode, Clash Squad Ranked would offer players some of the most competitive Free Fire gameplay yet.

Free Fire Clash Squad Gameplay Guide

In this Free Fire Clash Squad Gameplay Guide,  we would point out some of the most important things that you have to do to win.

1 - Spend your money carefully

In Clash Squad, instead of picking guns off the ground, you would have to buy them in the shop at the beginning of each round. It is best to communicate with your team to see which gun they are buying - if you already have one or two snipers, it might be best to go with close-range weapons like a shotgun to cover them. Don't forget to carry utility items like medkit and gloo wall.

Free Fire Clash Squad Gameplay Guide

2 - Positioning is very important

Play the match based on the weapon you are using - if you are a rusher with a close-range gun, don't hesitate to go in first. Just make sure to ask your teammates to back you up beforehand. Always try to do everything as a team... as number is a big advantage in a shooter like Free Fire.

Free Fire Clash Squad Gameplay Guide
Rooftops are great locations to hide and camp

It is possible to get on top of various structures on the map - it is very important that you know how to use it to mount a surprise attack as a sniper. People in mobile shooters usually focus on the horizontal plane much more than the vertical one. They often won't be able to see you coming.

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3 - Abuse the Smoke Grenade

Smoke Grenade is actually super useful in Free Fire - it disables the auto-aim feature of the game so that enemies would have a much harder time to target you or score a headshot. This works wonders, as 90% of Free Fire players rely on aim assist more than they believe.

Free Fire Clash Squad Gameplay Guide

The effect would last for 25s – you might want to use that duration to prepare for some more important things like the following:

To cover your attack or retreat

People can hardly see anything inside smoke... and if you are equipping a powerful close-range weapon like a shotgun, you can just throw a smoke grenade onto the general location of the enemy team and rush in. They won't be able to react in time.

Free Fire Clash Squad Gameplay Guide

The smoke can be used to cover your retreat just like a Gloo Wall - people usually won't shoot it.

Reviving downed teammates

A well-positioned smoke could buy time for you to revive multiple teammates that were knocked down, Wait for the fog to set in and go. When multiple squad members are down in the same area, it is best that you ask them to come closer to each other so your task with the smoke becomes easier. If the enemies are doing this, you can throw a grenade inside to counter them.

4 - Pick the optimal character and pet combo

It is best to focus on combat-oriented abilities like Chrono, Alok or A124s. Antonio's skill is especially good in this mode, as it would give you 50 extra HP every round.

Free Fire Clash Squad Gameplay Guide

The most unique aspect of Free Fire is probably unique character abilities. Everyone can get the same gun, but they usually would have a different character and pet combo. In this mode with limited resources, even some extra stats from character skills could go a long way. If you don't know what to pick, just stick to speed and healing, that combo would never go wrong.

5 - Teamwork is the key

At higher rank where everyone has about the same skill level, the more coordinated team would win. Try to communicate with your squadmates as often as possible – call for backup if you are going to commit or was downed. Don't go alone without backup - a feed could create a chain reaction causing the whole thing to come crashing down.

Clash Squad Gameplay In Free Fire
Teamwork is very important in Clash Squad Gameplay In Free Fire

Below are a few rules to get better at working in a team:

  • Follow the strategy that your team come up with
  • Don’t rush in if there’s no backup
  • Prioritize reviving teammates over looting or spraying
  • Be respectful toward everyone

6 - Pick the best weapons


The lowest cost AR in this mode – you can get your hand on the AN94 with only $1200. The AN94 is a middle of the pack AR, with balanced stats and a slightly higher than average recoil. Not the best choice for long range fights, but it can still perform better than most SMGs in medium range. The average damage per shot of the AN94 is fairly high, just one point lower than the AK. If you want to save money for something else, it is best to stick with the AN94 for a while.

Clash Squad Mode In Free Fire 3


Another cheap alternative to the MP5 – the Thompson has slightly higher output but is harder to handle than the MP5, as it has an even lower range. The best feature of the gun is that it is cheap, of course – you only need $1400 to acquire this weapon

SMG in Free Fire


The second AR on the list, with the same cost as the AN94, at $1200. The FAMAS is rather tricky to use due to its burst fire mode, which only fires 3 bullets at a time and not full auto. However, its extreme accuracy and long-range can greatly aid players in performing headshots. Getting headshots with the 3 hit bursts of the gun is pretty satisfying.


With a lot of the combat in this mode happening in close to middle range, the MP5 is probably the best budget choice. It is the cheapest SMG at $1300 – bringing to the table great damage, fast fire rate and reload speed. You can engage in combat constantly using this gun. The weakness of the MP5 is its range, of course, so don’t try to snipe with it.

SMG in Free Fire


The M500 has long-range, huge damage, and is super cheap at $400. However, its drawback is pretty severe – the gun has high recoil and only 5 bullets in its magazine. This gun could work great as a sidearm for long-range attacks if you are going out with something like the MP5.

7 - Be careful when looting

Due to the fast-paced nature of the game and the small number of people in a squad, loot your enemies is usually not worth it. More often than not, you would expose yourself to an unfavorable position and getting killed. Just focus on winning the match - it is possible to loot afterward if you are quick.

Free Fire Clash Squad Gameplay Guide

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