Weapon skins are an essential part of Free Fire. Unlike other games, they also provide extra stats to the weapon... and having good skins is essential if you want to go pro. Skins are not created equal - those with a higher rarity are better... and among the legendaries, incubator weapons are probably the best.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 best Incubator skin series in the game.

1 - Sci-Fi Scar

This is probably the best Incubators ever released in Free Fire. The Ultimate Titan Scar is the top prize, with bonuses in fire rate and damage, the two best types of bonus... and a negligible Magazine Size demerit. It looks super good as well - the whole thing is covered in futuristic components. The particle effects on the body of the gun are fairly normal, however.

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2 - Unicorn's Rage AK

The AK is one of the biggest fan-favorite weapons in Free Fire due to its high damage and range... and the Unicorn's Rage AK Incubator can provide some of the best AK skins in the game. They look super good, with a bayonet equipped on the gun's barrel. There is a colored light particle effect that weaves around the gun's body as well.

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Amongst the five variants, the Golden Era is probably the best, with even more damage and accuracy buff. The AK doesn't really need a high fire rate due to its extreme recoil - people usually just tap the gun to try to get a headshot.

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3 - Evil Pumpkin XM8

The XM8 is the better version of the SCAR, with high stats on everything - from damage to fire rate and range, and even the movement speed when holding the XM8 is much higher. However, you would have to stick with the X2 scope that the gun is spawned with.

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The XM8 Evil Pumpkin has a pretty unique design, with a pumpkin canister hooked by a tube that connects to the gun's body. The Orange version of the gun is the best - it has an armor penetration bonus, which is one of the strongest buffs in the late game.

4 - Apocalyptic M1014

This gun is probably the most popular one in the class due to its relatively wider margin of error. With a whopping 6 bullets in the chamber, you could miss a few shots and still able to actually damage your enemy. The downside is its wider spread - you would have to stand much closer using this gun comparing to the SPAS.

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The Apocalyptic M1014 skins boost the M1014's power even further - all variants of it are good in one way or the other. The best part of the M1014 Apocalyptic Incubator is the wheels on the gun's body... and how it meshes with the individual particle effect from the guns.

5 - Poker MP40

The MP40 is the fastest firing weapon in Free Fire... and because of that, a lot of players love to use the weapon. The Poker Incubator both looks good and improve the gun's power greatly. The Green version is probably the best with the double bonuses in damage and range. For a gun with a high rate of fire, improvements in damage are much more valuable than more attack speed. The demerit of reload speed is fairly negligible.

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