It is actually pretty boring to just play the Battle Royale mode over and over again... and because of that, Garena has been constantly creating new "arcade modes" for players to enjoy. They are usually very creative - some of them are fan favorites that get brought back multiple times in various events.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 best game modes ever released in Garena Free Fire.

5 - Bomb Squad

Bomb Squad is pretty much the usual competitive mode that you could find in popular shooters. Two teams of 4 would go against each other, one planting a bomb to blow up a target and the other has to prevent the bomb from exploding, either by killing the enemy team or defusing the bomb.

Bomb Squad Mode Reintroduced

Bomb Squad is highly competitive and well-liked by many fans - it is a shame that Free Fire does not have ranked for it.

4 - Gun King

In this mode, players would try to kill each other using different weapons... and after a certain number of kills, they can change their weapon for the next one on the list. The first one to go through all 14 weapons would win the match.

Free Fire Gun King Mode 2 1024x577 158951470688152

The randomness in weapon assignment is actually the best part of this mode, as people would be able to try guns they have never used before.

2 - Cold Steel

In Cold Steel, 20 players would spawn in a small map, each equipped with throwing knives. The last one standing would be the winner. Knife throwing is much harder than shooting, as they travel fairly slow - it is possible to dodge the attack if your reaction is good.

Free Fire All Game Mode

2 - Explosive Jump

In Explosive Jump, each player would get a pair of jumping shoes and a special grenade launcher... and they cannot equip anything else. The combat is fairly entertaining, with people bouncing around and shoot at each other with explosives.

Free Fire All Game Mode

1 - Rampage 2.0

In Rampage mode, two teams of 4 players would compete in capturing three different locations on the map. The capture spot would give points over time.. and the team who managed to reach 100 points first would win the match. Each match would last 10 minutes and whichever team has more points when the time elapsed would be the winner.

Free Fire All Mode List

The best part about this mode is the treasures that give players special sets with extra powers - and every time a treasure is picked up, the capture area would be bombed.

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