Free Fire is actually a pretty "Pay-To-Win" game, with characters and weapon skill giving in-game bonuses. While those things do not provide too much advantage to the buyer, even one more damage matters in Free Fire. Getting killed just because someone having a good pay-to-win skin is just annoying.

Modding Free Fire to get free diamonds is a way to fix that problem. In this article, we are going to show you how to download Free Fire Rampage Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds. You can also find notable features of Free Fire mod APK at the end of the post.

Where to download Free Fire Rampage Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds?

There are quite a few pages that you can download Free Fire modded APK, but the most reputable ones are and

Hack and script
Hack and script in Free Fire Rampage Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds and Coins

While both pages have the same version of the hack, Kingmodapk has a faster download mirror. Besides diamond hack, you can also find gameplay hack on the pages as well. While some people just want to play the game with better skins, others just want to win. Gameplay hack is much riskier, of course, as you might get reported by other players.

Free Fire Rampage Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds
Free Fire Rampage Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds

As we can see, besides Free Fire, the pages also have other free hacks and even apps. From Minecraft mod to PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, you can find the mods for all popular games.

Free Fire Rampage Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds
Free Fire Rampage Mod APK Version 1.62,2 is the newest one

If you don't want to download a new version of Free Fire, you can also try to mod the game with the Lulubox app to get free skins. Check this video below to find out how to install it on your phone.

Besides online games, the above pages also have modified versions of offline games as well. Most popular games in India are available here, and the mods will unlock their premium content for free!

There are other games that you can try as well
There are other games that you can try as well

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How to install Free Fire mod APK?

To install Free Fire Rampage Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds and Coins, you need to download the mod file then install it as following guidelines.


Use the below links to get to the download pages:

Download the hack on this page
Download the hack on this page

Download both the OBB and APK files. It is best to bookmark these pages if you plan on continuing using the hack in the future, as Garena update their anti-cheat system fairly frequently. For each new "OB" update, you need to redownload and reinstall the hack.


Run the APK file and install the game. Enable "Unknown sources" on your device if you haven't. Decompress the OBB data file then move it to the directory "Sdcard > Android > OBB". You might need a special app to unload the .RAR data file - just browse for this on the Google Store.

RAR LAB on Play Store

Run the game and enjoy your unlimited diamonds. You can have both versions of Free Fire, mod and legit, on your phone without any problem.

What are the features of Free Fire mod APK?

The Free Fire Rampage Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds and Coins not only grants you unlimited resources but also many other superior functions compared to other players, such as increased damage, bypassing cheat detection, wallhack and even being immortal.

Unlimited resources

This modded APK should unlock all resources and set the value to the maximum. You should have a large number of coins, diamonds and other currency on the modded account to be able to spend on everything. Just remember to use your side account and not your main one for the hack.

Getting an unlimited amount of diamonds
Getting an unlimited amount of diamond

Aimbot/increase damage

This is the classic hacking feature that every shooter have.... and the most popular amongst hackers. Aimbot automatically drags your cursor toward enemies' head so that you can get headshots at extreme accuracy. There's also an option for auto shot as well - you can even headshot enemies from afar with shotguns.

Headshot an enemy using aimbot

To avoid getting reported, you can also pick the option for "only bodyshot".

Bypass Cheat Detection

This hack lets you bypass Garena's anti-cheat engine. While the mods can still manually check for suspicious behavior, as long as you do not participate in tournaments, it would be fine. A lot of Free Fire teams in India use hack but then are disqualified for Free Fire City Open tournaments.


Wallhack or maphack is also pretty useful if you don't want to be too obvious. These hacks pinpoint the locations of enemies on the map, and no one would be able to hide from you. You can combine this with aimbot to be invincible.

Unlimited Health/Immortal

You can also give yourself an unlimited amount of health so that enemies won't be able to kill you. Not many people like to use this hack, as it is easily detected.

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