Incubators are amongst the strongest skins you can purchase in Free Fire - they require special resources to craft instead of just the usual spin. The latest one to be released with the OB28 patch is the Free Fire Mythos M60 Incubator.  With the massive buffs to the M60 this patch, it is expected that more people would get this incubator than normal.

Free Fire Mythos M60 Incubator 3 1024x576
The Azure Stormbringer M60 in Mythos Incubator

In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about the Free Fire Mythos M60 Incubator.

Free Fire Mythos M60 Incubator Spin

Players need to spin the wheel to obtain the Mythos Blueprints in Free Fire, along with the evolution stones needed for it. Below is the list of items included in the wheel.

Free Fire Mythos M60 Incubator Spin
Free Fire Mythos M60 Incubator Spin
  • Blueprint: Mythos Guns
  • Evolution Stone
  • Violet Terror Weapon Loot Crate
  • Titanium Weapon Loot Crate
  • Loose Cannon Weapon Loot Crate
  • Imperial Rome Weapon Loot Crate
  • Lucky Pants Crate
  • Lucky Shirt Loot Craft
  • Evil Enchanted Badge
  • Bonfire
  • Pet Food
  • Memory Fragment (Maro) x100

A single spin of the incubator wheel costs 40 diamonds while 5 spins cost only 180, which is 20 diamonds saved.

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Free Fire Mythos M60 cost

The cost of the Mythos M60 is actually fairly manageable, with the blueprint requirements being only 2 or 3. The evolution stone requirements start from 5 but increase by only 1 per level. This means if you are going to get this Incubator, it is best to aim for the best version, Azure Stormbringer M60.

Free Fire Mythos M60 cost
Free Fire Mythos M60 cost
  • Shadow Earthshaker M60: 2 Blueprint: Mythos Gun + 5 Evolution Stones
  • Volcanic Whirlwind M60: 2 Blueprint: Mythos Gun + 6 Evolution Stones
  • Frost Sabertooth M60: 2 Blueprint: Mythos Gun + 7 Evolution Stones
  • Azure Stormbringer M60: 3 Blueprint: Mythos Gun + 8 Evolution Stones

You can also get the Blueprint: Mythos Gun by using 3 Blueprint: Safari Riot guns, just in case you have some of those lying around.

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