There are two main modes in Free Fire: Battle Royale and Clash Squad. Due to their vastly different formats, there are some characters who are strong in one mode and weak in the other. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 Free Fire characters for Clash Squad but should never be used in Battle Royale.

1 - Chrono

With Clash Squad being a round-based mode, the cooldown of your skill does not matter that much. After the nerf, Chrono's skill is barely usable in the normal BR mode, with its massive cooldown becoming a huge problem.

Free Fire Cristiano Ronaldo Chrono
Chrono is a Time Traveller.

In Clash Squad, on the other hand, you can just pop the shield one time, win a fight and kill some enemies > Game Over.

2 - Xayne

Xayne's ability is also useful in Clash Squad too, for the same reason as Chrono. While Xtreme Encounter's cooldown isn't as long, it is still on the higher side and therefore much harder to use in normal BR.

Xayne is a daredevil
Xayne is a daredevil.

Its instant heal is super useful in Clash Squad, a mode that's filled with pitched fights and close-quarter combat. Just remember that the HP bonus is just temporary - you should retreat and heal before the duration runs out.

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3 - Clu

In normal BR mode, the map is so big that you probably won't be able to detect your foes even with Clu's ability. In Clash Squad, on the other hand, the play area is restricted to a much smaller zone. Because of that, one cast of Clu's skill is enough to detect the location of all enemies on the map - and we all know the advantage of map-hacking.

Clu Free Fire
Clu is a detective.

Clu's recent buff in OB28 makes the skill even better in Clash Squad. Its radius gets increased by a whopping 50%, to 75 meters.

4 - Skyler

With Skyler's ability tied to Gloo Walls, you can barely use the skill in normal BR mode due to its small AOE. In Clash Squad, on the other hand... most fights are in close to medium range, in which Gloo Walls are used aplenty.

Skyler is a famous singer from Vietnam.

One cast of Riptide Rhythm could destroy the cover of your foes and give you quite a bit of healing.

5 - Antonio

Antonio's ability gives you a one-time bonus of 50 HP. Unlike Luqueta's passive, this bonus HP is not healable - you can only get back to 200 HP the moment it runs out. This means the bonus is somewhat useless in BR mode, in which there are many fights.

Antonio Free Fire
Antonio is one of the Free Fire characters with the most tragic backstories.

In Clash Squad, however, the round would be decided in one or two clashes... which means the one-time bonus is more effective. Furthermore, it refreshes every round, giving you a constant advantage over your foe.

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