Garena has been constantly releasing new characters into Free Fire's roster, with stronger and stronger abilities. OB27's Xayne is going to be the same, with a powerful ability that can rival Chrono and Alok.

In this article, we would list out everything currently available about Free Fire's new character Xayne and figure out whether or not she is the strongest.

1 -  About Xayne's backstory and appearance

Xayne is an athlete in the field of extreme sports. She is constantly seeking thrills and danger and has become a famous name in the Free Fire universe for doing so. Her appearance is fairly similar to Notora - a female character with short hair and exposed navel.

Xayne's appearance in Free Fire
Xayne's appearance in Free Fire

2 - About Xayne's ability

Xayne's ability is named Xtreme Encounter. This is probably inspired by her backstory of doing extreme sports. It would give Xayne an extra 100 HP temporarily and 50% increased damage to Gloo Walls and shields (Chrono's shield?). The duration of this skill is 8 seconds, with a 150 seconds cooldown at level 1.

Xayne's ability in Free Fire
Xayne's ability in Free Fire

As you level Xayne up, Xtreme Encounter's bonus damage would increase while its cooldown decreases. At level 6, the skill would give you 80% bonus damage to Gloo Walls and shield at a 100 seconds cooldown.

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3 - How strong is this ability?

While the bonus HP is just temporary, it is provided instantly, which is much stronger than healing skills like Alok or even A124's. As long as the enemy does not have this skill, you should be able to win every 1 vs 1 fight

Xayne and the Alien Pet
Xayne and the Alien Pet

The crazy bonus damage would let you clear out Gloo Walls twice as fast. Enemies would not be able to just throw out a wall and heal behind it anymore. With something like the M82B (which also has bonus damage to Gloo Walls), you can even clear them out in 2 shots.

The cooldown is probably the weakest part of this skill. With 150s CD, it is pretty much unusable at level 1 and "barely acceptable" at level 6. You would need a pet Rockie when using Xayne in order to get the cooldown to 85 seconds. Even with the high cooldown, Xtreme Encounter is great.

4 - Xayne vs Chrono/Alok?

Xayne is definitely better than Chrono as he is getting heavily nerfed in OB27. Alok is harder to beat, but if you are in a team game with your teammates already using Alok, Xayne is the better choice.

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