The Mobile Esports scene in the South Asian region has been revitalized once again, with Garena Free Fire replacing PUBG Mobile as the main player dominating the market. To further support the Esports scene in the region, Garena, Free Fire's publisher, has announced a big tournament for the whole region named Free Fire Tri-Series 2021.

Free Fire Tri-Series 2021
Free Fire Tri-Series 2021

In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about this tournament.

1 - Formats of Free Fire Tri-Series 2021

The tournament would start on April 9th, with 18 teams from the three countries India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan competing for the ultimate prize pool of $ 50,000 (or 36.7 Lakhs).  Each country would have 6 representatives. This is an online tournament... and the event would last for about 2 weeks, until April 25th. The winner would get about 45% of the prize pool.

Free Fire tri-series 2021 Prize pool
Prize pool announcement

The selected teams are in the top 6 of their country's respective regional finals: India Championship, Pro League Pakistan, and Bangladesh Championship. Nepal, having a smaller Free Fire player base, has been excluded from this event.

Group Stage

The group stage would begin on April 9th and last until April 18th. 18 squads would be divided into 3 groups of 6 and fight against each other in a League Round Robin format. The top 12 teams would qualify for the finals, which means the bottom 2 of each group would be eliminated. Each week will feature a total of three match days.

Free Fire Tri-series 2021 Draft Results
Draft Results

12 teams from 2 groups would play against each other in 6 rounds. All 3 maps Bermuda, Purgatory and Kalahari would be used for 2 times each.


The finals of Free Fire Tri-Series 2021 would be held on April 25th, with 12 teams play against each other in the same format as the group stage.

2 - Teams qualified for the Free Fire Tri-Series 2021

18 teams have been divided equally among three Groups A, B, and C. Each group would have 2 squads from each country.

Group A

Group B

Group C

Galaxy Racer Esports Team TG Agent EXP
Team Chaos Demons Pride The Jailbreakers
TM Swag Team Elite Revengers
House of Blood Sixth Sense No Chance
Riot B26 Mystics Last Breath
Team Hotshot Extreme EX Nemesis
  • India's representatives: Galaxy Racer Esports, Team Chaos, Team Elite, Sixth Sense, Last Breath, and Nemesis
  • Pakistan's representatives: Team TG, Demons Pride, Revengers, No Chance, House of Blood, and Team Hotshot
  • Bangladesh's representatives: TM Swag, Riot, B26 Mystics, Extreme EX, Agent EXP, and The Jailbreakers

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3 - Schedule for Free Fire Tri-Series 2021

Week 1

  • Matchday 1 – April 9 (A vs B)
  • Matchday 2 – April 10 (B vs C)
  • Matchday 3 – April 11 (C vs A)

Week 2

  • Matchday 4 – April 16 (A vs B)
  • Matchday 5 – April 17 (B vs C)
  • Matchday 6 – April 18 (C vs A)

Grand finals

  • April 25th

Matches would begin every matchday from 2:00 PM IST (1:30 PM PKT and 2:30 PM BDT). Fans can watch the series on Free Fire India's official Facebook and YouTube Channel, along with Garena's own streaming platform Booyah!.

4 - Which are the strongest teams of each country?

Agent Exp (Bangladesh)

Agent Exp, Free Fire Bangladesh Championship 2021 Spring's champion, would definitely be a team to follow in this tournament. They have been really steady throughout the tournament and won the finals with just one single point more than the runner-up squad 'The Jawbreaker'.

Agent Exp
Agent Exp

That one single point also qualifies them for the play-ins round of the biggest Free Fire tournament in the work this year, the Free Fire World Series(FFWS): Singapore, scheduled to be held in May. Jawbreaker, being the runner-up, is also definitely worth looking out for as well.

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Team TG (Pakistan)

Free Fire Pakistan League 2021 winner, Team TG, is definitely Pakistan's biggest hope in this tournament. They have been performing very consistently, with a 2nd place finish in the group stage of FFPL 2021 then winning the Finals. By accomplishing that, they also get a ticket for the Free Fire World Series: Singapore's play-ins round.

Team TG
Team TG

House of Blood is also a big contender amongst the other Pakistani teams. They won FFCC: Pakistan 2020 and finished first in the FFPL 2021 League Stage.

Galaxy Racer Esports (India)

Free Fire India Championship: Spring 2021 winner Galaxy Racer Esports would be Indian's prime candidate to win in the tri-leagues. The team has been a huge dark horse throughout FFIC: 2021, winning the finals after qualifying through the direct elimination play-ins rounds. VasiyoCRJ, the team's leader and MVP, is someone you should keep an eye on in this tournament. Galaxy Racer Esports has qualified for the finals of the Free Fire World Series: Singapore 2021.

Galaxy Racer Esports
Galaxy Racer Esports

The final Indian team that fans need to watch out for is team Chaos, the runner-up of FFIC: Spring 2021. They have shown great potential and also qualified for the Free Fire World Series Singapore Play-Ins.

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